Wednesday, September 28, 2016

WDT: It's Time for Press Releases on Endorsements

     The AFL-CIO backs Russell.....The NFIB backs John Byrne....the kind of perfunctory endorsements we see a lot of this time of year.
      Matt Funiciello made some news by swiping an SEIU nod from it's rightful Democratic Party owner.
      There are media endorsements coming up.
      Likely the Times goes with Clinton, Stefanik and Byrne. I think the stink around the Second Floor will give them some reason to call for change in Albany.
       But look at all the endorsements from famous people for Mary Rain...How'd that work out for all of you ?
Watertown Daily Times | Russell gets AFL-CIO endorsement


Ray said...

The Hotline show was very good. It was like two old friends talking. He is the Green Party! Walking, talking, Green! You keep it up! I can see more awards in the future. You should join the dark side.😋

Anonymous said...

I heard Funiciello on Live at Five today. He was doing fine for a while there, but then allowed his hormones to take over his brain. Libs have a way of doing this. The believe so strongly in something that fits their agenda they take the facts and run. Mr F, you claimed the society makes a habit of regularly imprisoning people for "simply smoking marijuana". I don't know if you just got excited, or you were knowingly dishonest. Stick to the facts. No one is in jail or prison for "simply smoking marijuana". If they sold large quantities of meth, beat up someone to collect drug debt, or was caught smuggling large amounts they may be in jail. But don't go stupid on us and claim smoking alone puts people in prison. It is an oft repeated line of BS, but that doesn't make it true.

Anonymous said...

Green Baker is taking some union endorsements, Stefanik is taking some and all that is left are the Sierra club, environmentalist, maybe we can get PP endorsement for the newly minted Demtard.

Funny though Jeff, you posted an Addie sign with Funi ontop from a front lawn. Don't you know Addie is very involved and extremely supportive of the newly minted Dem's campaign. Guilty by association
so we want to hear that he is 100% behind the killing of babies due to partial birth abortion.

He's a real man all right hanging onto the apron ties of Pelosi, the Hilldabeast and the fraud Gillibrand. Three strong feminist women he is required to cave to not including our local gal Addie Russel.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone remember two years ago whether the other side of the district in Glens Falls endorsed the homeboy Baker or the Donkey from the Bronx.

No way will Stefanik get the nod from that liberal rag but will be interesting to see if the Libs give to The Baker or sell their souls to the new Dem.

Anonymous said...

11:41 Funi ontop of Addie...... I don't think so! She is not green enough.

Anonymous said...

No vote for Elise after her siding with the whineass union teachers!