Tuesday, September 20, 2016

WDT: Inspection Law Gets Opposition But Advocates Vow to Soldier On

       I assume from reading this the rental inspection law was tabled while its author attempts to tweek the wording in ways that will garner votes needed for passage.
       Back when this proposal started to surface, I indicated to Councilman Jennings the notion of a registration data base was more saleable than inspections which are viewed as anti property owner.
       Also, there has never been a nexus established to show the law would rectify frustrations over aging and decaying properties.
       Such a program would be costly to implement.
        It's a tough issue as not all tenants are the same...neither are landlords...and economics of property rentals may net be well understood by those promoting this law as the panacea it is not.
        However, an outright defeat would place Council at odds with powerful and influential forces, so look for a watered down version with more gums than teeth.


Anonymous said...

I think this could be a good thing. Are these safety inspections or cleanliness (health & welfare) inspections or unauthorized construction inspections? If these inspections help provide a safer, healthier living space for renters then I see no reason renters should object (unless they are up to no good and afraid of "stuff" being seen in their homes).

My daughter & husband rented in North Carolina. They had inspections every 6 months by the property manager who went room to room. They never objected to the inspections and if anything needed attention it was noted and fixed by property management at owner's expense.

Anonymous said...

Jennings is a typical politician. He's told, this is un-Constitutional and we won't stand for it. So instead of realizing it's a bad idea and dropping the whole thing like he should, he gonna find a way around the opposition and do it anyway, right or wrong be damned.

Anonymous said...

One only has to look down the road at the motel just shut down to see what inspections could have prevented.. All to many landlords are eager to get social services recipiants on a voucher to be paid directly to them and forget any sanitary living issues along with safety issues. Forget all but the money coming in including the neighbors and neighborhood...

Ray said...

What is wrong with going to the next meeting, and saying the people spoke? They in general do not what this law. Isn't that what we have these people at City Hall for? Or are they there to do what they want? If it is just what they want, and they prove it by the so called tweaking, we need new people. Three of them promised they would up hold our will in the last election. Was that just a way to get there? Mayor Butler needs to go into there next time , say no more tweaking, and let's get the vote done. It's done!