Monday, September 19, 2016

WDT: Grandstanding Something That's Over and Done

      The NYS Attorney General is prosecuting the SUNY Canton nasty note case from last year ?  Doesn't the local DA do anything ?  Doesn't Eric Schneiderman have bigger fish to fry ?
      Sure it was stupid and cruel, but so are a lot of things. The reaction of the dainty media and academia last year was over the top.
       It is time to toughen up and not ruin somebody's life with felony convictions, even if his name is Hussein. Reading this I agree with Governor Cuomo's assessment of the AG.
       What if he had called the professor Elsie the Cow ?
   Watertown Daily Times | Attorney General’s office announces indictment of former SUNY Potsdam student for alleged threats directed at professor


Anonymous said...

To recap: a minority individual allegedly sent nasty letters pertaining to race and sexual orientation to his supposed spurned minority ex-lover, and a bunch of other liberals at the place of "higher learning" were outraged about how minorities were being threatened.

The obvious reason this is not being taken seriously is because it's literally like someone insulting themselves.

Why don't they just put them both out in the middle of a soccer field, and let them slap each other silly ?

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is maddening. Up in the county of inbreds, I can guarantee you there is a mother that wishes all that happened to her strangled son was that he received a letter of threats and nasty names. Same goes for the family of a cop's wife. And the elderly people who the cop assaulted that were trying to come to the aid of his dead wife lying in the road.

But what does the AG and local media care about? Hate crime in the form of a letter or a burned church bench. This is why Trump has a real chance.