Tuesday, September 6, 2016

WDT: FDRLO Regroups

      There's a new plan for an old mission....keeping Fort Drum open and thriving. The FDRLO organizes the rallies, the PR, the outreach to decision makers that so far seems to have worked.
      It is ironic that governments organize and fund their own version of K Street to lobby our own government, but the danger of not doing it leaves everyone skittish.
      Those who take up the task are doing important work as many just accept the world as it is and don't have the time, expertise or inclination to engage in this fight.


Anonymous said...

FDRLO doesn't do squat except organize a rally every year or so. Big Gubmint doesn't care one way or another about all these 'advocacy' groups. These decisions to keep a base open or not are made well above the paygrade of anyone involved in an FDRLO-type organization.

Besides, if FDRLO takes credit for keeping a base open... how can Schumer? Or Gilly? Or Elise? Or the 80 other people who claim they're the base's saviour?

Keeping a base open is like driving a nail into a piece of wood, with a hundred people claiming they had their hand on the hammer when it was swinging.

Anonymous said...

Anyone claiming they've kept Drum safe is a lying. No amount of pom-poms will keep the fort from seeing a realignment or closure. If the powers that be decide to shutter it, it will happen.

Anonymous said...

Plattsburgh failed to do this, foolishly believing the Air Force would prevail and the BRAC would do the right thing. McGuire and New Jersey lobbied big time. Result: 8-1 vote to close the wrong base and send what was supposed to be its new Refueling Wing mission to McGuire -- which instead was abandoned as the air space wouldn't allow the new mission there. But McGuire survived. Watertown learned well from that,

Anonymous said...

Plattsburgh could have lobbied until they were blue in the face. They would have shut down anyways. All anyone in Watertown learned was that they could sucker the public into a false sense of empowerment with a BS alphabet agency.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it Fort Drum already down sized?
I remember reading that there are now around 15.000 Soldiers and families. Years ago, there where 19.000 Soldiers, causing to build all this now empty new housing.
There are a lot of ways for the Military to downsize and move the Troops quietly, with out calling it down sizing.
This Rally to keep Fort Drum last spring, was nothing as a feel good show, like the powers to be even care.

Stefanik is on the Armed forces panel. Should she not know about it and why is she quiet about, the downsizing anyway?
Or where is Derrick as a retired Military Colonel on this?