Friday, September 9, 2016

WDT: Duffy Proposal for Upstate Causus Seen as Good Idea

       A recent suggestion by the former LG, Bob Duffy, to create a bipartisan upstate caucus in the Legislature could emerge as an issue in the pending River District Assembly race.
       Upstate vs downstate plays well and two years ago, incumbent Addie Russell nearly lost by paying too much lip service to leadership in the person of Speaker Sheldon Silver. He is gone and Ms.  Russell did arrange for the new Speaker, Carl Heastie of the Bronx, to visit our area something previous leadership had not done.
       The new Speaker says the current strictly partisan system is best and upstate interests get represented through that forum. With another NNY district to the east of us due to flip to the Dems, the argument has validity and having voices in the majority makes sense since being in a distinct minority carries little weight.
       Still, the idea of an upstate coalition has on the surface appeal and expressing a willingness to work across the aisle has merit when running in an area where elections are not as perfunctory as they are in Speaker Heastie's neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

You know Duffy wouldn't say a thing unless baby Cuomo told him to. Andy is worried that his party will force him to go too far left and ruin the chance that he thinks he has (but he doesn't) of running for the White House.

Anonymous said...

Cuomo in the White House would be like Michael Corleone at the UN.