Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Upstate is 'Po

         Upstate cities are among the nation's poorest, according to Census data. That's made worse by high costs of living up here.


Anonymous said...

Not as po as the north side.

Anonymous said...

Hey Stefanik will fix that bwaaa hahaha, she has a fantastic record of helping the working class.

Anonymous said...

Actually, 8:02, I would suggest you update your viewpoint. There are more stable family oriented residences on the north side than ever. Isn't Academy Street, William Street, Boyd Street and such on the south side?

Anonymous said...

Something Dictator Cuomo and his liberal base can be very very proud of.

What did he say, 'there is no place in NYS for people who conservatives' or something like people with differing views that he scribes to are not welcome in NYS.

Looks like lots and lots of people have been run out of the once great Empire State.

Red ink in Syracuse with the female leftie Mayor, red blood running and bleeding badly in Albany with the female leftie Mayor.

75+ years of progressive agenda, our infrastructure is crumbling, worst roads in NE, failing schools, now the progressives want to nationalize our police agencies.

Bammy has pardoned and released thousands of criminals, hundreds in upstate NY and drug usage is rampant.

WTF is going on?

Anonymous said...

We like it though,more free money for the nfps

Anonymous said...

12:57, we are not being destroyed by Washington, we are being killed by Albany. Use your head. Why is it after spending over $21k per year per student we end up with dumbasses like you?

Anonymous said...

@1:49 PM

You got that ride. And a part of State Street and some streets towards the river belong to this list too.

Some people think they are better , because they live on the South Side and fail to look around, what's going on in their own neighbor hoods.