Tuesday, September 13, 2016


      City residents and businesses were told last night Mill Street should reopen today. That's a relief to many inconvenieced by the construction affecting that street and Factory Street. Meanwhile much work continues on Factory with final blacktop not expected down till next spring or summer.
      Republicans in the 116th AD go to the polls today to pick a rival for incumbent Addie Russell.
      St. Lawrence County's Bill Sheridan has been pushing hard of late with direct mail, robo calls and door to door, but expected frontrunner John Byrne has also pushed hard with broadcast ads and a strong print presence on Newzjunky.
       Former Olympic bobsledder Russ Finley is also running and hoping to slip in with a close three way split.
        Day two of the Oral Hillary trial as opening arguments five way to testimony.

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Anonymous said...

I thought Dannie told us that Trump should refrain from talking about a "rigged system". But here is one of his own making that a central part of his campaign. Someone, quick, call Dannie before his Live and Five speech and tell him to switch talking points. Hurry. We don't want the party line clown to make a fool of himself, as it were.