Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tuesday Morning

    A new twist in the Hillary trial up in Canton as defense attorneys moved for dismissal after learning of a possibly exculpatory witness who's existence was not made available to the defense.
     Wonder what guest prosecutor Fitzpatrick thinks of his deskmate ?
      To fend off the "deplorable" comment, press has cooked up the insistence David Duke be labled by the same word....They went after Mike Pence today who referred to Duke as a bad man and that the ticket doesn't want the support of him or people who think like him.
     MSNBC is reporting that Pence is refusing to use the word "deplorable"  How dishonest.
     Pence rightly denounced the bundling of people and labeling them "deplorable" and"desperate because they support Donald Trump.
    Hillary Clinton will hit the trail again Friday. We will all be on cough watch.


Anonymous said...

It is deplorable that the DA did not disclose the made-up accusations from the felon who is now in prison. But Channel 7 also criticizes that this felon was interviewed without the defense attorney there. Which makes me wonder, is there a acquirement to bring the defense attorney along whenever new non-credible leads are investigated?

Normally it is the cops that hide evidence so the DA doesn't have to. DA's are usually the ones who invent evidence instead.

Anonymous said...

His statement that he seen John Jones on the street around the time of the crime were kept from the defense.. Why>>???? What makes his statement not credible???? The Democrat presidential canidate has lied several times during the campaign and its documented yet she is considered credible.

Anonymous said...

1- The "witness" is not credible. He is a repeat felon, his story is contradicted by the known timeline and he would have appeared in one of the security videos.
2- the defense knew about this guy for awhile and we're just sitting back for the DA to screw up.doubt they even call him as a witness.
3- this was a clear Brady violation by Rains, and her story to the court was contradicted by sworn testimony from 2 police witnesses and an attorney.
4- The trial goes on
5- Rain will be sanctioned by the Judge at the end of the trial and her license to practice law will be suspended by the Grievance Comittee shortly afterwards.