Saturday, September 3, 2016

Trump visits black church, Southwest Detroit neighborhood

        A soft spoken and humble Donald Trump went to the black community today and was welcomed by some but angrily protested by the local pols, race baiters and the intolerant.
        Mr. Trump to a black church and visited a neighborhood to listen, he said.
         The candidate said the nation is too divided and needs a new civil rights agenda centered around jobs, education and safe neighborhoods.
         Meanwhile the political establishment in the Motor City mocked the visit and much of the media did as well, with networks sporting panels of Sharpton-like characters to poke holes in the Trump overture.
         Trump visits black church, Southwest Detroit neighborhood


Anonymous said...

The Donald must not take any of this to heart.

I recall that Barry did not measure up to the Clinton standard and Slick William proclaimed him not black enough to be president...look how that has turned out.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Yo bro - I hear ya' I'm with ya' hangin' tight in the hood...

That would have appealed, Donald... try that the next time. And, bring your youthful kids with you - I'm sure they have similar views like the young black community.

Gawd, what an awful display.

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at the Donald trying to dance and clap with the people in the church..when will white folks with no rhythm learn to just stand there or better yet not put themselves in that position..I would dearly love to see Hillary try to keep pace too,it just makes them look like fools.

Anonymous said...

Short of kissin clintons feet, can trump do anything that you would approve of mr. Francis? Where is hillary anyway?