Monday, September 5, 2016

The Nation: Toxic Andy ?

     A paternalistic savior with a toxic masculinity. That's how The Nation describes Governor Andrew Cuomo who is said to be in a man battle with NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio.
      The Governor and Mayor seemed to have grown apart from their days together at HUD, and the two do seem like roosters in the yard at times.
       Toxic or not, the Governor seems to win most of the skirmishes and thats what matters in politics.


Anonymous said...

It is not masculine to abuse power like Cuomo does. That is more of a female trait. Baby Cuomo, like Hillary and Jeffrey Dahmer, are more effeminate than anything else.

Anonymous said...

A masculine abuser. Now I know why the dannies love the guy so much.

Anonymous said...

He's real masculine when he has bunches of special detail troopers around him to protect his overpaid ass.Bet if he had to handle his weight without a security detail he wouldn't be such a cocky prick.