Monday, September 19, 2016

The Colonel Plays His Trump Card

   Retired Army Colonel (and he likes to remind you about it) Mike Derrick is sending out mail trying to link Rep. Elise Stefanik to Donald Trump....Mr. Derrick says his opponent is supporting Mr. Trump's "sexist, offensive campaign for President. "
     OK, I get it....The Dem playbook says Trump is a pariah.
     But what does the Colonel stand for ?  He won't say who he supported in the April primary and doesn't seem to anxious to embrace Hillary Clinton.
      Why do I get his mail but the other two Conservatives registered here don't ?
       Looks like they are using an old Indy list.
        And on the back side he pushes his retired Colonel status....No offense, but 28 years and you end up as an O-6.  Why wasn't he a General ?   Of course, two O-6 pensions plus $180K as an MOC makes sense to anyone.


Anonymous said...

Keep saying the clown is clueless.

FYI Moron, Trump has high ratings in NY21 and the Hilldabeast is underwater.

What a phony, just last week he was taking credit for being with Trump.

I got one as well and it went into the circular file.

Dannie, Can you please inform the posters how many as## he kissed to get the Bronze with out Valor?

Anonymous said...

Are you serious Jeff? You were mayor for 20 years, why aren't you a senator?

Anonymous said...

Moron Mikey, Best advice you may be given is tread lightly.

You made the mistake by using the female card, Elise will take you down to Chinatown and then again. She is the pro at pointing out who may be running sexist campaign.

You Sir, just made your fatal error.

Alas, you just opened up Pandora's box!

Let the fun begin.

Anonymous said...

He just lost my vote. He can't win NY21 by running against Trump.

Anonymous said...

He probably didn't make general because those jobs are reserved for gay transgender disabled minority women.

But who cares? As far as I can tell, the public only has reverence for the Indians, not the chiefs. Just as the media has taught us that all businessmen are bad, they have taught us that all military higher-ups are bad.

Anonymous said...

Talk about the Honorable Col. going nasty and negative.

In my opinion he was suspect for the longest time.

He may have fired the opening shot but she will make sure he gets the enema he so richly deserves.

Would not wish to be a supporter since they will be going down with him.

Anonymous said...

After all his time serving in the military, now the rainbow brigade what does the retired Rip Van Winkle Colonel have to say when the local adopted Afghani states he hates anyone in military and homosexuals.

Col. please explain who is paying the benefits of the deadbeat dad Chelsea bomber. What pray tell us did the security costs us for sending the bomber to the hospital?

But that's ok, nothing to see here folks, continue passing the buck, no one is going to lose their job, just like the Colonel here. But but but what about the 800's questionable individuals that skated right through Homeland Security and State that never should have been allowed into the US.

Anonymous said...

I find it fascinating that he has visited this area just a few times in the 1-1/2 years he has been running.

From what I'm hearing he has zilch to no support from any military on our side. The more he brings up his service the more it confirms why he has no support.

It kind of makes sense when only 20-25% of military personnel have respect for the Commander In Chief. He doesn't have their back nor would this one. Obama has played games for the last 8 years with DOD budget and still is unless Congress plays his game giving him unfetted domestic spending for his gay programs.

Gender neutral bathrooms? That's real important to American families Colonel. Obama found somehow to obtain 4.3 million dollars spending on wellness programs for Syrian refugees, meanwhile our Vets are committing suicide how many a day?

The Colonel deserves no respect.

Anonymous said...

Why ain't he a general?

"I expected you to own a bank or at least a whorehouse by now Jake. Seems life has been a disappointment to both of us."

Anonymous said...

We already have General Dannie. We don't need no other stinkin' general around here. One is enough.

Anonymous said...

Was it Hillary or Bernie? And why?

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

I believe Mrs. Derrick is a Retired Lt. Col. or in Army lingo: LTC, not full bird. Which either way, I'm sure she earned it.

Check it out just to be fair and balanced ... damn I don't believe I said that???

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Not surprised at Derrick as some note here at all. About his nastiness and such. He was after all a lifelong GOPer before switching to DEM and coming back "home" to run against Ms. Stefanik.

rick aldrich, USMC said...

Looks like the Democratic brainwash he got, really screwed him up. And because you were an officer in the military, doesn't make you a genius.