Monday, September 12, 2016

Succession Already Being Mulled

      If health woes force Hillary Clinton out of the race, what happens depends on when it happens.
      The DNC can fill the ticket prior to the election, although with early voting, many would have voted for someone else and the logistics of changing ballots is an interesting twist.
      If a candidate won the election, but was incapacitated before the electors voted in December, those electors would be freed to vote for who they wanted, pending state law restrictions. That would mean a Joe Biden.
      After the electors choose a President and VP, the normal succession would occur.
      Remember some weeks back when the wagging tongues were speculating what would happen if Trump dropped out.
      It doesn't take long to start picking the carcass.


Anonymous said...

Chances increase that it is thrown into the house. If Trump doesn't win outright, we will have chaos.

Anonymous said...

It takes forever to pick a carcass if you are waiting for the MSN to do it to Hillary. Lawnewz doesn't count.

Middle-Class Mike said...

VP Joe Biden looks better from afar! If he were to substitute this late for Hillary, his usual gaffes would spring forth under the spotlight, in this pressure filled condensed campaign. Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Its interesting. When ole mittens made the error of the 47% comment that did him in. Now ole hillary with her 50% of trump supporters being deplorable ckmbined with her current health issues, the upset of the millenium is a distinct possibility. We knew this was the weakest democratic candidate since ole mikey dukakis, but we did not know how weak. The game is afoot.