Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Society Page

   Getting texts about an engagement announcement of importance to the nation...Or at least announced at the Capitol.....I'll have to get more details before reporting more...But in the blogosphere, two texts equals confirmation, but I am more cautious than that. My DC insider has given me some details, but I'll hold off.
    Only recently  Congressional candidate Zephyr Teachout was wed, so love may be in the air upstate.


Anonymous said...

Is baby Cuomo feeling the pressure?
Probably for the same reason as Teachout...which is, a spouse can't be forced to testify against their spouse.

Anonymous said...

8:08 OK Dimwit, Jeff said upstate. Can't be Adddele since the ink isn't dry yet and was insider information from the US Capital. No way
shape or form is Addele ever going to amount to anything more than being a homegal that the downstate corrupt pols can count on to carry their water.

Anonymous said...

7:50 Ok dimmerwit, Upstate is everything north of NYC, including the three places that Sandra lee and her effeminate boyfriend ignore zoning and building codes. atty ritchieRussell lives in the North County.