Tuesday, September 13, 2016

School District Discovers English Teacher Has Passion for Her Job - Times Union

    She is on administrative leave, but is that with or without pay. ? The Cohoes School District did not say in this article. The alleged encounter happened at another school before she worked at Cohoes, so it will likely take a conviction if she has tenure.

     Ex-LaSalle teacher charged with sex with student in Albany classroom - Times Union


Anonymous said...

You prefer to save your concerns for the right to a fair trial for when the teacher strangles a 12 yo boy.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the salary continues even when they are in state prison. I've seen it happen. It's all for the children.

Anonymous said...

She should have just killed her wife and punched some old people in the face until they were bruised and unconscious. Then the investigation would be ongoing and she would be labeled as not suspicious at this time.