Monday, September 5, 2016

Sanders Says Debate Bar Is Too High

      As Senator Bernie Sanders gets ready today to campaign for Hillary Clinton, he has to wonder what is happening with many of his younger followers. Mr. Sanders said Sunday the theshhold of 15% is too hight to get into the debates.
     The candidacies of Govenor Gary Johnson and Dr. Jill Stein likely interest the Senator's younger followers who are now expected to fall in line with the party candidate.
      It's got to be a long hard swallow for the Senator to stump for his former opponent, but when he is done he can retire to his new vacation home in Vermont.


Anonymous said...

You crybabies didn't have much to say about it when Obama was running and Ralph Nader was not included. But suddenly you want to bring in two extra windbags who have much less support than the top five GOP primary candidates and much less than Sanders does too.

I ANYONE other than the two top dogs should be invited to play a roll in the debates, ti would be the runners-up, not the two fringe candidates. Chances are that Bkerrnie will get more write in votes than either of the two third party candidates. Of course, Bernie IS a third party candidate in reality, as a democrat commie. No wait, now that I think about it, that is the same as a democrat.

Anonymous said...

If they are running for the office, they should have the opportunity to be in the debates, period. Darrel Castle should be included as well as Evan McMullen, too. Castle and McMullen will never be allowed into the debates though, because for all of their flaws, they are both more qualified for the job than Broom Hilda or Trumpy-Dump.