Friday, September 23, 2016

Rep. John Katko will return $10,000 to arrested COR executives |

     Syracuse Congressman John Katko has become the first to announce he is giving back donations from COR executives now charged with corruption related to development projects.
      Who will be next ?   Someone will take the time to review finance statements where COR projects are underway.
       Rep. Katko is running for reelection and while favored to win, a rigged system scenario is what many voters are responding to this year.
        Rep. John Katko will return $10,000 to arrested COR executives |


Anonymous said...

The rigged system is getting bigger. Obama has ordered the rushing to get more people naturalized in order to have them vote this year. The first 1800 of which were to be deported but instead the rush led to their now being citizens. Obama wants to help his legacy... What legacy?? Think about what legacy .. Are you better off than you were eight years ago? Is Obama care working and do youo like paying for it?? The blacks living in the big cities throughout this nation have to sit down and say, Am I better off than I was eight years ago? If I am I vote for Clinton.. If i,m not I should vote for Trump.. Am I safe from Terrorisim... Obama says we dont have any Terrorisim on face.. O bama wants to let these people into the country without vetting..Under Obama corruption in government has reached new heights.. He has interfered in matters of the world that do not matter to most of us and he has protected and endorses probably the most incompetant Secretary of state in our history who should have been tried for treason ..

Anonymous said...

Surprised on this one. Seems like all the indicted individuals have or are seen as loyalist to one party only. Which party might you ask, why aren't you surprised, the Democrats.

Jeff, Thanks for leading the way, interesting reading. Hughhhhhhhh donations to can you guess the Guvy Andy Cumo, Senators Chuckie Schmuckie & Kirsyten Gillibrand. Surprise surprise his hand maiden Lt. Guv Kathy Hochul has her hand in receiving some of these contributions.

Interesting to note that Kathy Hochul's husband is a US attorney may be for that district and my goodness Preet was Chuckie's Chief of Staff.

Let's see how fast the campaign donations are returned to these crooks. They are going to need it for their attorney fees.

MCM may have to wait a bit, surely one of these fine individuals will be the canary to go after the biggest fish.

It ain't over till the Fat Lady Sings.

Anonymous said...

Importing dannietypes is one of the great legacies established by this Liar in Chief. No matter the brain damage, the Skank is smart enough to continue the tradition. What offends you the most? Is it money siphoned off from the vets to pay for the new voters? How bout the fact that so many will be on welfare, never to get off. Maybe you enjoy the pressure cooker bombs and night club murders? Either way, if you think like a golf course hero, there is much to be thankful for.