Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Powell Emails Offer Something for All | TheHill

       Now some Colin Powell emails are out and what's in them depends on the network you watch...There's the ones where General Powell calls Trump  "a national disgrace."  Then there are the ones talking about Hillary Clinton's "gouging" of a university on a speech and how the Clinton campaign misused secure emails and tried to draw Powell into the story.
       Apparently emails are easy to obtain, but one wonders the ethics of the MSM trafficking in stolen documents ?
        Bottom line. Don't say it unless you want everyone to read it, and if hackers can get in, you know the government is looking as well.
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Anonymous said...

The guy who endorsed Obama twice, just because he is black, is saying something bad about the GOP candidate? {yawn}

Anonymous said...

Pretty impressive that the barnyard impeached ex President sexual predator has his johnson still dicking the bimbos.

Oh all you Democratic feminist women and men continue to look the other way.

Your silence is deafening.

Anonymous said...

Trump has been a serial philanderer , ask wives one and two .

BTW where is his first lady wannabe, off posing for another racy mag photo shoot ? Trump has a Classless ,graven family indeed .