Tuesday, September 27, 2016


   I had a pollster call this evening and in the long series of questions it was clear it was a push poll for Democrat Mike Derrick.
    I answered all the questions.  I never get called so it was interesting to hear it all. I even answered them honestly.


Anonymous said...

He's toast, feel the Berrrrrrrrrrned!!!!!

The Joke is the Democrat Party and how they used him big time. He was a life long Rep. (tain't no more) and they used him as a placecard holder.

He is a dumpster throw out, especially those womyn of his newly adopted party.


Anonymous said...

Rutt Rooo, The DCC is pulling out just like they did to poor Woolf 30 days out when the results came in. Ha!

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Most poles are only good in Poland.