Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Poll: Hillary Clinton NY Lead Healthy But Mirrors National Tightening | syracuse.com

   Obviously Hillary Clinton has a large percentage lead in NY...Her 21 point margin puts the state out of play but its five points less in margin than President Obama got four years ago. If the margin in all states drops by five points, states like Ohio and Florida flip along with a couple others.
    Mrs. Clinton is still the favorite to win based on current polling but it would be closer than 2012 and when you get within a couple points, the Electoral College could swing either way.
Poll: Hillary Clinton keeps huge lead over Donald Trump in New York state | syracuse.com#incart_river_home


Anonymous said...

Hey you Trumpers, He is promising to campaign heavily in NYS cause he is going to win HUGE, yup for the Art of the Deal Con Man "I'm going to win big, we are going to be so tired of winning big, we are going to ask President Trump, Mr. Trump we don't want to win big"!!!!!

Orange Top should be campaigning where?

All you Trumpers have been played!

dajeep said...

Well of course the Carpetbagger of Chappaqua would be leading in NYS. Look at all the jobs she brought here when she was a U.S. Senator. (sarc. of course)

Anonymous said...

In NY, a ham sandwich running against Lincoln would poll +21 too.
The big factor is going to be turnout. You will see a lot of consistent party-line democrat voters stay home and you will see a lot of never-ever voters go to the polls for Trump. It may not make up for 21 points but it will be enough to swing things at least two points from the polling.