Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Politics on a Tuesday

   The first Mike Derrick direct mail piece features a bipartisan theme and appeals on the issues of trade deals and a rigged system...Very Trumpian.
    There is also a photo of Rep. Elise Stefanik and Speaker Paul Ryan,  with text suggesting they are the problem, as the Democrat seems to be running against Washington.
     The photo of Ms. Stefanik and the Speaker is flattering. I would have used a grainy photo with funny looks on their faces...But maybe they couldn't find one.
      Also today, it seems there is little interest in the GOP primary....One voter from St. Anthony's told me he was only number 39  around dinner time.
      Turnout could be below the 8500 we predicted.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you - I think trying to demonize the picture of Stefanik arm in arm with Ryan is going to backfire. They both look happy and cooperative. It's not a bad thing when your representative has the ear of the speaker. Seems like a foolish strategy to try to spin it into a negative.

Anonymous said...

Who is advising this candidate? Rigged, only reminds us that the Democrats rigged the system for Hilldabeast. Stupid to bring up a rigged system that allowed the Superdelegates and Wasserman Shultz to destroy Bernie. Gives Funicello amo to shoot down his message. What an idiot.

Go Green

Funicello overtakes the rigged primary Democrat candidate.

Anonymous said...

This is what the RINO deserves, swinging in the wind. He was at a Bernie whatever you can call get together chatout a couple of weeks ago, The baker was not even invited.

He was Arm In Arm with his newly found galpal Teachout and both are in deep with Soros.

Neither have any values or moral compass. Teachout never hid her leftist progressive values but imagine if the RINO had to hid his leanings to serve in the conservative military.

The poor soul is like a jack in the box, out pops his head one day as a Democrat, next as a kooky leftest DeBlasio/Soros type.

Anonymous said...

She is so awed with Ryan I feel she would support any bill he proposed. Thats not rational so for that reason I,ll pass on her this time around as Paul Ryan is poison for our district.

Anonymous said...

6:22- like her or not, she's building something for ue in Washington and that takes time and that takes allies. If we put in another unknown candidate, we're back to square one. All the alternatives will be even less effective than Stefanik, who started with a leg up given her previous relationships with people in Washnigton. If we continually vote someone new in we'll never get anything done. This is exactly why I think the house should hold elections every 4 years, not 2. It takes time to implement change and given the current lock jamb in Congress 2 years isn't nearly enough time and every newly representative resets that clock.