Sunday, September 25, 2016

NY Post: Group of Dems Meet to Plot Cuomo[s Retirement

   Even before this past week's corruption arrests a group of progressive Democrats were planning ways to topple the man who through force of will rules NY politics and the Democratic Party. Now with Andrew Cuomo rocked by scandal at his doorstep, more might participate, but you have to remember, politics is largely fueled by fear and taking on such a powerful persona takes a leader and that's where it gets iffy.
     Remember a couple of years ago when Ted Ford posed for a picture with Cuomo antagonist Zephyr Teachout ? Even though Ted held no positions that could be taken away, the Governor's people called the local Dem chair to see what could be done to punish. Imagine the effect on someone who actually had something to lose....and that was over a photo.
     My guess is it will be difficult to mount a serious challenge for just that reason.


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize Benito was such a sleaze. But it doesn't come as a surprise. And this is what the party line dannies gives us. When all you think about is party loyalty, this is what you get.

Anonymous said...

Oh Good, When Vermonter Teachout loses yet again, will hedge her bets and be setting her sights again on Cuomo. Will she just go away, please..........

Teddy, she calls herself a Law Professor, she sure is DUMB to not admit people just don't like her north of the Tapazzee.