Friday, September 2, 2016

My Advice to an Old Pro

         Next week in a scintillating 30 minutes, my second favorite morning personality (second to Robin Meade)   Jeff Cole will distill the GOP Assembly primary down to its essence.
         With three candidates, I'd say three questions is all you get in.
          So for one question, I'd ask, "do you support Donald Trump for President ?"  That may be tough for some of them seeking to curry favor with 260 and 120.
           I'd ask, "have you been arrested and for what ? Tough question for two of them, but only if they fact check the answers.
           Then I'd ask, " have you ever poured Popov into an Absolut bottle?"
             By then its time for closing statements and for Jeff to say good night.


Anonymous said...

Perry and Scotty would have written those same questions that you want to ask.

Here are better ones:
Contestant one Q: If you couldn't beat AJR on an off year when she was at her weakest Silver supporting self, what makes you think you can beat her now?

Contestant two Q: RINO County is well known for producing...RINO's. What can you do to reassure the voters you are not just another Cuomo hugging pAddie Ritchie, ready to rubber-stamp everything Cuomo tells you to?

Contestant three Q: Olympians are a special bread who have the drive, self discipline and selflessness, to work hard and represent the USA. Do you have anything to add to that statement?

Anonymous said...

Thankfully you are not asking the questions Jeff. The first and third are stupid questions.

And 8:03 aka Russ, thanks but stupid also.

Don't worry about Scotty he doesn't vote, check his voting history at BOE

Anonymous said...

803.. A special Bread.. Wonder or just store brand... which is it..? Do you mean Breed...? It changes the meaning of what you try to say..
You must have gone to school in the big county.