Friday, September 2, 2016

More of What Makes Humans Special Ceded to Machine.

   Google has developed software to write newspaper headlines.
    Long an art form as much of writing, the headline summarizes, draws attention and entertains.
    I write them here and enjoy trying to be pithy, concise and clever. Once in a while I succeed.
    Memorable headlines like "Ford to NY: Drop Dead"  or "Hooker Knew of Seepage at Love Canal", are best left to humans.
    Any program out of Silicon Valley would be too PC to entertain or inform. They wouldn't allow you to say "Japs Bomb Pearl Harbor".


Anonymous said...

There are so many things you are not allowed to say anymore. We have come so far, backwards. It's the way the dannies want it. A generation of people who can't say what they think, so nothing of substance gets talked about. One has to pick their wording very carefully. And then we have to deny reality. Makes is possible to elect a criminal Skank over a guy with bad hair.

Anonymous said...

Newzjunky headline this a.m.:

"St. Lawrence Couty Man
Charged With Stalking"

Good thing I guess they omitted the "N" as opposed to the "O"

Anonymous said...

"Obama Canonized".
"Trump Runmored to Have Kicked Puppy"

Anonymous said...

Rutgers University to Incoming Freshman. Out of control Prof. with no administration backlash are telling incoming Freshman, 'Sit there and keep you piehole shut' You will offend your fellow students and cause microagressions. We don't want to hear your viewpoint if it contradicts what we intellectuals know to be our left of center teachings.

Wonder why the sheeple parents are so disappointed in Little Johnny that they just want him out of their basement.

Keep those blinders on folks.

Anonymous said...

I don't think they could ever write a piece of software dumb enough to come up with the partisan-hack, biased, propaganda, misleading, lying by omission, headlines that WDT's, Channel 7 and junk news come up with.

Anonymous said...


Same douchebag or are you twins?

Sik-Of-It said...

Maybe they can use this robot to proof read Dannie's comments for factuality. Maybe....