Saturday, September 17, 2016

Lefty Media Comes to Hillary's Defense Whenever Trump Attacks - POLITICO

      Today Donald Trump went after Hillary Clinton's immigration policy (as if she ever explains any policy) and Mr. Trump's criticisms were quickly rebutted...not by the Clinton campaign, but by the MSM.
     Same thing yesterday with the origin of the birther movement, which does have ties to the 2008 Clinton-Obama showdown.
       When she was sick, it immediately prompted calls for release of Trumps health data, and when that was done, it was declared insufficient.
        When national polls show Trump gaining, the press dismisses them saying its state polls...I understand numbers and a tightening national vote also means the states are closer too.
         Obama states like Florida, Ohio, Iowa and Nevada are now trending trump suggesting his total is easily 265, only one medium size state away from the White House.
        Not since the days of the penny press has the public been so challenged by partisan media.
Trump distorts Clinton's immigration position in pitch to grieving families - POLITICO


Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

And, conversely FOX and righty Talk Radio, el al don't come to Mr. Trump's defense, right, I see, I see.

Anonymous said...

The Guardian just posted the most dishonest, misleading, biased article I've seen in a long time. Some guy standing in front of scary black weapons with a "fully automatic" shirt. Never mind that these have been restricted effectively since the 1930's. But it sure do get a lot of folks who think with hormones to leave a puddle. And little Mr Smith thought it would be really neat to repost it. Why am I not surprised. Just another example of what Dannie tells us, "biased, but in a healthy way".

Anonymous said...

All true..Hill looked like she was going down for the count,carried into her Scooby van,and what does the media focus on?Trump is fifteen or twenty pounds heavier than he should be.

Anonymous said...

Just sat and watched Hillarys Statement from last night.... Message was to wait for facts.. That was good.. However, look close at her... Shes drugged not doubt about it... Look at those eyes.. This woman is drugged beyond belief and she is a puppet for the DNC... Look at the help she has called on to campaign for her that speaks volumns... Zombie president

rick aldrich, USMC said...

8:12 ; talk truth and we may listen. Trump has his misgivings, but not one, one word of truth from Hillary. Plus, she started the Obama birther issue, remember ? Or did you forget?

Anonymous said...

Dannie, you were right. Media "is biased, but in a healthy way". Reminds me of when Planned Parenthood was caught selling baby parts. You told us "they broke no laws". You're on it, General Francis. You be our local weathervane on ethics and morality.

Anonymous said...

Wish someone would drug up Trump. He'd probably have a better shot at winning the election.