Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Katz: Six Weeks Out and the Race Goes On

        If there was a pre-debate strategy that worked well it was the decision to keep Hillary Clinton off the trail, not just to practice, but to rest up after her recent health issues. Mrs Clinton looked rested and was on the attack throughout the 90 minutes.
       Donald Trump missed opportunities and left much on the table in terms of attacking his opponent, never mentioning the Clinton Foundation and he got too defensive on issues like taxes returns and Iraq.
       The questions seemed to focus on issues related to Mr. Trump, but he looked strident  and lacked a sense of humor, almost Al Gore like in his on camera reactions.
        On the other hand Mr. Trump didn't make any major mistakes and made it through 90 minutes against an experienced office holder with a long DC pedigree. He was able to point out how long Mrs. Clinton has been in government for those who want change this year.
         The VP debate is next but that will produce little new and the attention will shift to the final two Presidential debates in October. Governor Pence is quick on his feet though and could be an effective attack dog, making some of the points Mr. Trump didn't.
          It's still a race, but Mr. Trump clearly missed some openings last night. However history notes cases of  a candidate struggling in the first debate and coming on strong later and winning the election (Reagan in '83 and Obama in '12). 


Anonymous said...

Hillary was kept off the trail because of her poor health. It didn't take any time to prepare for the debate performance she gave. Why would you take her canned prepackaged zinger at face value? Too bad she didn't think of using debate preparation as an excuse at the time that she was missing in action.

Trump performed terribly last night. And there is little to no chance he will improve because this is the performance he has given for over a year now. He is not only incapable of defending his better ideas of the republicans off the cuff in a debate but he is incapable of formulating and remembering good responses for the next time the issue comes up.

That being said, he is the far better candidate and could easily perform 'tremendous' in the White house. Much better than anyone has performed since Reagan. More importantly, it is imperative that Trump picks the next Court Justices and Hillary has no say in the matter. Our country's very survival depends on that.

Anonymous said...

I think Trump did what was asked of him by his campaign. He stayed on course. Now the next one will be Donald Trump and what he thinks is best for Donald Trump.
As in this debate Trump faces moderators that are less likely to be favorable to him. Holt had questions for Trump and fact checks that showed Holt was wrong on at times While he handled Hillary with kid gloves. NBC showed their will in this debate and assured they would dirty Trump up. Some say she knew the questions that were being asked ahead of time so she could prepare.. Some more of the same expected with the CNN reporter next debate. Cooper has been very anti Trump for over a years now.
The choice is clear, if you want the same old shit daily and the corruption in our government to continue then vote Hillary.
From the begining with Trump it will be a change in the status quo.