Tuesday, September 20, 2016

In The Race For Congress, Bovines & Backers | WWNY TV 7

    While the candidate was off somewhere downstate ( we got a photo but no word on where it was taken other than it was in NYS) with VP Joe Biden, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other candidates for Congress in NY, Mike Derrick's labor buddie Ernie LaBaff told WWNY he is sorry for calling Rep. Elise Stefanik "Elsie the Cow."
Nancy Pelosi Addresses NY Congressional Hopefuls Today
     The Derrick campaign is crowing about a couple of unknown SLC pols who made a list of Stefanik supporters but now say they are not.....
      Lot of inside baseball this week and a lot of commercials on TV as the Colonel seems to be throwing more at this than I thought he would.
       Wonder if he got a picture with Zephyr. We'd be glad to run it.
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Anonymous said...

oh Jeff, Don"t worry about old Ernie. In his day he was a somebody, and now he is just old, old Ernie. The big union days are less and less and he only has memories of how shit used to get done. If he wants to call his member of congress a cow, let him slide. no body, and really no body cares about the old Ernie days.He felt better doing what he did and he probably deserves to. GM Alcoa and the rest are on way out or gone so let him have his day.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather be a cow than a stooge, eh Dannie?

Anonymous said...

If Mr. Derrick thinks than paling around with nancy Pelosi is going to help him, then he certainly does not understand the north country very well.

Anonymous said...

Less than a month ago Derrik was singing praise of Donald Trump now hes kissing Clintons ass. Cant make up his mind..Just remember folks when you pull the Trump lever pull the Stefanik lever her mind is made up.
Derrik is supporting more free stuff for guys like Dannie and the other career welfare club and we need someone in Congress who will work to end this cycle.

Anonymous said...

8:42 While I agree with you apparently the old old Ernie has a new BFF in newly found Democrat member Derrick.

Apparently Derrick and the old old Ernie haven't been able to confirm and get their stories together. Did Derrick think to apologize for Ernie's verbal in your face threat rough up of MOC Stefanik at the Labor Day Parade. What a bad ass he is.

I was there and so where alot of people who saw the interaction.

Pop another viagra Ernie if it makes you feel like a real man.

Derrick should stop with the holier than thou Mr. Integrity bit.

On another note one of the SLC pols who made the list and she did confirm she did say she would support has Else The Cow by at least 125lbs. Where are you honey in defending the actions of Derrick and your manly boy toy Ernie.

12:29 Agree with you. See what happened to Owens when he tied Pelsoi's apron strings all those years all the while keeping up her botox appts to keep her eyes open.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the female Democrats aren't in a titter that the only way this man (Derrick if you want to call him that) got any media attention is by insulting comments of a woman in the opposite party.

So did Nancy Pelosi know this about the 'man' and his associates were playing this out for media attention or was he prostituting himself and his values for her money? Where is the 'man''s wife? Or the 'man's daughter if he has one. Conversation goes like this, "it was all in good fun, the guy is a slimeball and I needed his support" "Don't look at me this way" "I had to change party affiliation 6 different times to get the promotions I got"

Come on all you liberal media 'men' let's hear what you have to say. If this had been Trump you wouldn't let it die for days.

Very sad commentary all the way around.

Anonymous said...

He has already received thousands and thousands of dollars both from Nuttier Nan and Senator Gillibrand, there isn't a man she doesn't hate.

Watch how Mr. Military has to grovel to these sterling and reputable ladies of his adopted party. Did he not think Nuttier Nan is possibly senile?

Mr. Military has thrown in his lot with Harry Reid, Pelosi, who continue to veto the DOD budget that ensures the continuation of his military monthly retirement check.

Anonymous said...

8:42 is right. And those companies have been replaced by minimum wage jobs, no jobs and a huge rise in drug trafficing in those once somewhat afflent communities. Its good though, andy will come to the rescue and gjve away food stamps or a wave as our workers leave the state.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Stefanik campaign: How to gain supporters? Easy: Make 'em up.

If caught in that ploy as not true, well, just say "it was clerical error." Then, what? Fire the clerk? Interesting strategy ... they all do it, right? Maybe, but all aren't caught, eh?

"We Didn't Endorse Her - Take Off Our Names.

Anonymous said...

ms. stefanik has no reason to make up supporters as she will again cruise to an absolute blow out victory. nancy pelosi entering the state of ny is a shame. i took a knee this morning in protest to this sad excuse of a politician. this is something that should be covered by the major networks.