Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Funiciello Boasts He is the Real Foe to Stefanik

        Green Party Congressional hopeful Matt Funiciello says he sees the race for NY21 as between him and Rep. Elise Stefanik. Mr. Funiciello, a baking czar from Glens Falls, says Democrat Mike Derrick has no traction despite heavy advertising.
         Mr. Funiciello was on the HOTLINE today where he stressed his identity with working people and railed against the corporate candidates.
        He took several digs though at Col (ret) Derrick who he says is a child of privilege and only recently a resident of the area. The Green questioned Derrick's opposition to TPP since corporate Democrats are among the biggest free traders.
         He dismissed the incumbent as beholden to corporate interests.


Anonymous said...

Hes correct in his assumption. Unless he can get his message out better Derrik will finish third this year. Bogged down by his support of Clinton and her flunkies and the local Democrats Matt will beat him bu5t probably lose because Trumps people will carry her.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't be surprised if he outpolls, or comes very close to, Derrick. This ia why Derrick won't say he's supporting Clinton and won't reveal who he supported in the primary as he's deathly afraid of reaction by all of the Sanders voters, many of whom are already voting for Mr. Fun.

Anonymous said...

Stalin, Marx, here we come.

Pay your own employees benefits they deserve Funicicello, instead of forcing them onto we the taxpayers for additional benefits aka Walmart employees.

Only thing he was correct on is that either he or Derrick are outer fringe members of the Lefttard Family. He definitely has it over Derrick the dull no personality, no leadership guy. Meanwhile Stein the leader of the Green Revolution has a warrant out for her arrest of destruction of private property, spray painting her garbage.

Big blabbering to all the media outlets Stefanik already won this race hands down. He wishes to make all Dems. once again look stupid.
Why or why didn't they go all in Marxish style and support him?

Anonymous said...

If Funi is beating Derrick wasn't and hasn't he just been flushing good money down the toilet with all those mailers and hate ads. Funi just sat back and watched the imposter.

As Trump said Monday night, 'I'm tied with you and you spent 200 million in hate attack ads'

Funi sounded kinda of smug when he said he was Stefanik's foe, a bit of a put down on the Democrats?

Anonymous said...

Is Matt correct or the media outlets that have printed he has been a life long resident of NYS.

Perry, go getem let's get some fact check going on. I would like to know where he filed his taxes the last 5 years.

If Matt is correct he has not been paying or shouldering his fair share of what we NY'ers have been paying.

Anonymous said...

The green Baker may very outperform the donkey this year. But not because the commie baker does better than he did last time (he won't), but because this year's donkey is even worse than Wolfie was (and you didn't think that was possible).

Anonymous said...


Matt is right. Derrick moved to Peru when he was in middle school and his dad got a job at plattsburgh state. Then he graduated, went to west point, moved to colorado and didnt come back until 2015 when he changed his registration to dem and ran for congress.