Friday, September 23, 2016

First Candidates Book Slots on America's Favorite Noontime Talkshow

   America's Favorite Noontime Talkshow is open to candidates this fall and a couple have called to book their time.
    Green candidate for Congress Matt Funiciello will be on next Wednesday and Democratic Assembly candidate Addie Russell wants to be on the following Tuesday.
     The air time is of dubious value as other media doesn't cover other media in Watertown, so whatever you say won't get much traction, unless Newzjunky is intrigued enough to run a link.
    That said, those wishing to be on are welcome and if you don't want to be , that's fine too.
     I do look forward to interviewing my Green friend as he is funny and entertaining.

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Anonymous said...

When Adelaide comes in, make sure Dannie knows about it so someone can gush, per se. Her owner, Shelly Silver, is busy trying to stay out of jail.