Monday, September 19, 2016

Feigned Outrage Followed By Demands for Apology - Capitol Confidential

        SLC Labor legend and I believe former Congressional candidate Ernie LaBaff  called Rep. Elise Stefanik "Elsie the Cow" in a remark caught on You Tube.
        LaBaff's slight came at an event for her opponent....the Colonel....Mike Derrick, who issued an apology.
Borden Symbol "Elsie"

       Come on....stop being so dainty. Ernie is an icon and can say what he wants and I suspect it was off the cuff and in jest. It was a take off on Elise and Elsie, and surely not calling anyone a cow.
         Too much outrage these days.
          I've compared Colonel Derrick to Colonel Custer of last stand fame. It doesn't mean I wish him physical harm. It's just I think he is going to lose.
          Besides Elsie was an iconic commercial symbol for decades.
           Time to lighten up....As in "I appreciate Mr. LaBaff's homage to the dairy industry so important to North Country families."
Derrick denounces supporter’s reference to Stefanik as a ‘cow’ - Capitol Confidential


Anonymous said...

Who is Derrick bought and paid for by labor unions it appears.. Old men with memory loss and pumped full of viagra shouldnt make stupid degrading statements like this, and people who are running for office shouldnt turn to these people for help... Labaff is a great union leader in his own mind he and Carter from Ogdensburg stirred up prob lems for years while they prospered and the people working in those unions paid the price..

Anonymous said...

Labaff is the last person to be comparing someone to a farm animal.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, there is money in being outraged now. It's a profession all its own, per se. But there is hope. No sense of outrage isn't curable by a big fat check, year after year, as it were.

Anonymous said...

You have to be 80 years old to know that Elsie is a cow.
And look at her...she's beautiful...calling her names only serves to make people notice she is good looking.

Anonymous said...

Real politics and fair game. Knocked Derrick off message for a day or two. (Oh, wait a minute. He doesn't have a message except what's put in front of him to read).

Anonymous said...

Calling her elsie the cow is stupid and sexist,it implies she is not smart.As we have seen she is very intelligent,and capable,and responsive to NY21.The guy who said this is obviously a moron.

Anonymous said...

Elise has the teacher union support 705. I also saw her marching with the laborers. Looks like she's in neck deep with the unions to me.

Anonymous said...

I am ashamed to say I heard the same thing from someone who attended that rally.

My friend who attended the parade and then rally in a intro Ernie had the crowd laughing on his comment of Elise being a "cow" or what have you. Next up was Derric and then his wife. Both had ample opportunity to call at Ernie right then and there but said absolutely nothing, nothing!

Ernie is a lowlife, but more importantly what does he really think about other female elected officials in his party that are far more portly than Elise. Hmmmmmm, our own local representative and maybe our sitting US Senator have it all over Elsie the Cow and then some.

Say what you want Derric and his wife are opportunists, and just like Woolf questioning her 'relationships' because she is single, and now weight is a bad mistake.

Elise has the last laugh, I saw her recently at an event and she looks amazing.

Put up the commercial Elise using Jeff's photo and there you go, Mr. & Mrs. Derric view Elsie as a cow and not fit to represent them.

Ernie needs to go and Addie needs to demand that he be replaced.

Funny all that talk about Trumps's views on women and their appearance falls right in line with Mr. & Mrs. Derric and Ernie.

What phonies.

Anonymous said...

OK Ladies, He is the GD Democratic County Chair of St. Lawrence.

Kinda of like all those voiceless bimbos that Clinton is still di##ing.
And you stand by while watching all those women of your party having been sexually assaulted by former impeached Clinton.

Thankfully there was a tracker

How you feeling about now Ladies, a tad bit dirty.

Anonymous said...

So the comments or response to the press, he wouldn't have said it if he knew there were 'spys' in the room?????? But "it was just a slip of the tongue and nothing like trump"

No Mr. & Mrs. Honor & Integrity had the opportunity to publically address him and they did not. Notice that it took Derrick a few days to respond only when it was brought up to the public. Does he really think people are so stupid to believe that he said something there to Ernie.

Ernie's doesn't have the support any more and Derrick never had any support, traction and has always been used by the Democrats as just name holder to put up against Stefanik

Anonymous said...

7:08 You call that a rally, ask Ernie how many people attended!

Heck, if Elise wanted another unpaid job she could replace LaBaff, she has more support then he does from union members. Just cause they are Union members doesn't mean they are voting along expected party lines.
LaBaff knows this already.

The inside skinny was that LaBaff was furious that she had been asked and allowed to march in the same parade with other union members and he was furious.

This reminds me so much of when Woolfe had to denounce MCMikey for his over the top zealous and non stop attack as to getting her OBGYN records. Then finally he threw Flynn under the bus and let him fry when the campaign approved all along what he was doing. No one bleives Mike Derrick with his denouncement.

LaBaff's promise of apology means diddly squat, that is who he is.

March on "Elsie The Cow"

Anonymous said...

Sound familiar 'Elise or Elsie the Cow or whatever'


'She has blood coming out of wherever'

This is the final nail of the coffin of Derrick