Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Elise Meets Ivanka While Foe Meets Nancy

   While her opponent was meeting top Democrats at an undisclosed location in New York State, Rep. Elise Stefanik was slated to meet Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the GOP nominee.
    A group of female GOP lawmakers took part and we'd love to run a photo, but I don't have one, just as I didn't get one of Mike Derrick and Nancy Pelosi from when they met yesterday.
     Got another direct mail piece from Mr. Derrick today echoing the Trumpian themes and avoiding any mention of his affiliations with the Democratic establishment.
     Obviously the trade and TPP issue has been poll tested in NNY.


Anonymous said...

Per Dwyer, it sounds like a forgone conclusion that she has this election in the bag.

No matter how many outrageous statements Big Boy Ernie wants to make,
and to his cohort that has to stand behind our big Boy "what difference does it make"

All to do about nothing. He and Ernie are Big Zeros. Jeff, It's kind of sad having you say you have received 4 maybe 5 pieces of mailers in one week, boo hooing about Stefanik this and that.

Grow a pair, both of them.

Anonymous said...

Does he think people are stupid. We need JOBS!!!! Only way to keep the Union boys and Mfg. Companies is the TPP. But they are too scardy to say it in public but do so in private. ALCOA anyone!!!!!!!!

Next up with the Union types is that the Bamster is pardoning all the Felons. Not as many cons in NNY, not as many correctional union jobs
needed. All in good time boys till you figure out what is going on.

Come on Jeff, whoever is your source of the Democrat candidate with the downstate progressives and Washington DC insiders relations he says he doesn't know, keep em coming.

Anonymous said...

It's really sad to see that Derrick thinks he has any chance of defeating Stefanik. She really has not been any major help to our area. But she hasn't done anything really stupid either. She likes to go around and merely say hello to a lot of people. And her staff does all the real work. But those are the kinds of people that become career politicians.
I'd be nice to have Derrick in for just one term and then back to Elise if she still wants to run. I don't think she would because if she is defeated, she has plenty of contacts that will give her a high paying political government job where she does not have to do anything.... like she is doing now.
Besides that, she will get a pension after only two years of working. How many of you can say you got that?
Who knows, if Trump is elected, she might even get to be an ambassador to the country of her choice. Bet she doesn't pick Libya.

Anonymous said...

We need the TPP like we need Castor oil three times a day. We need to triple the size of our military and give them the weapons so no one dare challenge us on ANY field.
We need to reduce the size of hundreds of billionaires and multi millionaires in our country who think they don't have a thing to worry about because they can buy anything and any body.
We need to reverse the making of things by China so when we shop in Walmart it would be hard to find something NOT made in the United States.
We need to REFUSE to hire workers in our businesses who have not gone through the system of quota's that we have set. AND, we should REFUSE to give them ANY kind of help whether it be medical, Housing and/or simply welfare.
We should stop the immigration of hundreds of thousands from countries where terrorists have come from and who try to seek to recruit anyone here to be one.
We should spend money to bombard hostile nation's populations with our own propaganda to encourage them NOT to follow the will of weirdo's who rule them like Putin, Assad and whoever is the leader of China, Iran and North Korea.
We should provide work instead of welfare for everyone of working age.
We should make cars priced reasonably. We want to buy a CAR not a HOUSE!

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Wow - stop the press!!! Two young liberal (supposedly Republican) women meet ... what's next: the Sun sets in the West?