Monday, September 26, 2016

Derrick Still Won't Say He Supports Hillary Clinton

        The Colonel has another direct mail piece and this one continues to stress that Mike Derrick is a 28 year Army retiree while he says his opponent is a DC politician, which of course he would be too if elected to the Congress.
       The Colonel also rails against a rigged system and the TPP.
        In his issue matrix, Mr. Derrick says Rep.. Elise Stefanik supports and is voting for Donald Trump. On the other side, the Colonel says he opposes Donald Trump, continuing his pattern of refusing to profess support for Hillary Clinton.
        Funny thing is, Mr. Trump is leading in some polls and is no longer considered a drag on Senate candidates, so that would seem a tactic from a couple of months ago.
         I assume from his flyers he does not support Mrs. Clinton....Maybe he's a Jill Stein supporter ?


Anonymous said...

He will be gone soon enough. Actually quite stupid though, if he was hedging his bets he should have come out to support The Hilldebeast months ago. He couldn't cause he his being held hostage to the progressive progressive left. You have pockets here and there and then you have the moderate Dems. Have you seen his campaign mgr.? Yikes.

He sure ain't going to get a position in The Beast's administration so where does he go, back to Oregon where he came from.

Maybe the life long Republican now progressive leftie can start a pot growing farm out there, he will fit right in.

Anonymous said...

Is this the best he has, the guy obviously does not understand who pays for he and his Misses funded retirement benefits.

No way should we allow this guy to collect another retirement benefit ontop of one he has received to early in life. He is a middle age man and wants to double or triple dip on the tax payers dimes.

No raise until the people in NY21 ear a living wage. Where the he## has he been since Obamacare was enacted by his party.

You want to see rant, my own family premium between my employer and my share of payments equals over 18,000 a year!!!!!!!!!!!! Deductibles have gone up by it is one of the best plans still out there. I work for a very compassionate employer.

This schmuck is talking about wages going up in NYS. To what Mr. Derrick $15.00 an hour for convenience clerks, fast food take out joints won't be sustainable without it being passed onto the Average Joe.

This makes me so friggin mad. Out of touch, clueless and I hope he has to apply for a real job like the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

I want to know how and why he keeps mailing these pieces. I have received 5 in the last couple of weeks. He is pleading for money since it is all gone and he is in a crisis money situation.

Bud, you should have thought that one out before you started mailing these pieces. Not an example of good stewardship. Does he understand that his vendors will expect payment in full when the election is over.

Anonymous said...

I would have thought I would have received a flyer with a mega culpa asking for forgiveness for calling Stefanik a cow last week.

Addie, have you personally called Congresswoman Stefanik to personally apologize on behalf of your party?

We are waiting.....

Anonymous said...

pretty rich for the colonel to have an issue matrix that includes a 'women's issue' and lecture a WOMAN on how ALL - EVERY SINGLE WOMAN NO MATTER WHAT - should feel about any issue.


I'm voting green

Anonymous said...

Dannie, Can you please share with us what Derrick and his wife are pulling in annually in salary benefits.

Can we assume this is three or four times what the average household earns in this District?

Rumors have it that he lives in the parents house that is held in trust, so he owns an interest. You being the savvy investigator that you are, shouldn't he be listing his share of ownership of property on his federal election filings. If he hasn't listed this asset isn't there a fine that he would incur on these filings if he has not listed this as an asset.

Just asking the questions that the media won't ask.

Is anyone curious enough, I mean geeze Perrykos demanded to see Stefanik's college transcript.

Anonymous said...

In opposing TPP, he's not opposing Stefanik but his own President who negotiated th deal now on the table (and already dead so it's a non-issue).

Anonymous said...

Give the man credit for refusing to support the Skank. Just proves that some military men have standards. You won't see that kind of independent thought coming from the golf course hero.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it ironic Mr. Mayor, that our Harvard girl claims support for Trump, though he is against raising the minimum S.S. age and she is not?

Quite the contradiction.

It is the biggest reason I cannot bring myself to vote for Elise. I'll vote for the colonel.
At least he's willing to work towards keeping my S.S. safe and not kick the can down the road...

Anonymous said...

As Jeff indicated in another post, he is finished u8nless the DCCC targets his race. Polling shows Stefanik strong. He has a matter of days to try to show contributions and some uptick in the tracking polls or it's over. That's why he's going all in now on mailings and TV.

Anonymous said...

What polling 953?