Sunday, September 18, 2016

Derrick Hopes to Convince DCCC to Come to His Aid

       Democrat Mike Derrick has a hard hitting commercial up now ripping Rep. Elise Stefanik on alleged Wall Street ties and claiming he will fight trade deals that threaten NNY jobs.
        The spot is fine but insiders say he is up on air now in an effort to boost his polling so he can make a case to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for dollars.  The national parties often triage local races and ditch lost causes.
       Last week we noted two Derrick mailers that showed up at select households.
       While the Colonel has had come success in fund raising he would need national help for the kind of effort needed to upset the first term incumbent.
        Meanwhile Rep. Stefanik has spots up to keep that from happening.
       With little media coverage of politics, we voters won't know how the race is going, but the insiders will know by month's end if NY21 is a contest or not...
        My guess is the big boys pass on this race, but we'll know soon if the cavalry comes to the Colonel's rescue at this Little Bighorn.       


Anonymous said...

Ha!!! I still say he is a plant by her team, to make it look like she wasn't running unopposed.

There is no amount of money in the world that could cause an upset, unless it involved a murder and framing the green baker for it.

Look at her. She's beautiful and her commercial is amazing. People say they want bipartisanship but they really mean they want the other party to roll over for their own. But she managed to come up with an examples where people really do want bipartisanship and she hit it out of the park. Plus she gets to pander to the vets at the same time. Genius.

This guy should get his name off the ballot to avoid record embarrassment. The green baker flash in the pan is over and the shark jumping was when Born-knee bought his vacation home using his wife's golden parachute, she was awarded for bankrupting the college she was president of.

Anonymous said...

His commercial is terrible. The last guy to speak sounds like someone with special needs and Derrick doesn't sound much better. Remember Owens commercial where he was shown driving all over the district on a nice summer day, with good music and a normal voice over? What happened to the people who produced that type of stuff?

Anonymous said...

What an absolute hypocrite.

There was a piece last week in the Glens Falls area newspaper that had the hypocrite taking big wall street money and well over any amt. that Stefanik raised from that area.

As long as an emasculated man agrees to give up his manhood the female herd will continue to back their male counterpoints.

The progressive turned party affiliation 6 times in good company with the lying party he who has recently adopted. Party before county.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if he showed a little interest in having the traveling memorial of racist card carrying KKK member Byrd up in Woodchuck NNY they might show him a little love. 100 years of White robe member Byrd anniversary was this weekend.

Yes the beloved KKK Democrat white robed member legacy has been turned into a traveling memorial. Derrick can travel the district with his newly found Democratic beliefs and this memorial.

Dannie, care to weigh in on this PR nightmare. Ooops, they forgot to include the pictures of Byrd in his white robes. Now why is that?

Anonymous said...

I'm one of the 50% deplorable Republicans that Hilldabeast has put in basket #1.

When the weak morally questionable men of this party do not have the courage to denounce Hillary's 'deplorable' comments I say shame on these men.

He is an angry angry angry dude. Better he direct his anger at the women of his party.

Addie, you go ahead and support this deplorable man you deserve each other.

Honor and integrity, give us a break.

Anonymous said...

She will win with a larger percentage than last time.

The small amount of voters that can even identify his face are the true Blue loyalist Democrats. Her opponent is only known for his laziness and that this race is a ho hum not even on the radar becasue of the same laziness.

Sad to see how his party has used him, he ain't going to know what hit him come the day after election. Those leeches will no longer acknowledge him as their friend.

Welcome to NY21

He might try asking Woolfman and his fair weather friends.

Anonymous said...

Come on Stefanic, put on your gloves and take down the guy.

He is the founder of Having a Military with Newly authored Rules of Engagement. He wants a kinder compassionate nation building military.
You know the rainbow kind.

Sexual assault cases no longer to to be heard in military courts but in civil courts headed by that phony Gillibrand.

Put on your gloves.

Anonymous said...

She is a joke , an airhead , a pac created puppet, who has done nothing to better the plight of the working class. Her rhetoric is specious , her record , lif you call it that is pedestrian in quality and her constant need for recognition is emblematic of insecurity .

Anonymous said...

2:25 Said like a loyal Dem. soldier and union activist.

How are those dues working out for ya? Fat cats living the good life while you pay your dues. Ha.

Anonymous said...

Nope 12:56. Else is finally seeing some genuine competition. She'll win the race, but by less than last time. A real candidate would crush little harvard.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like 2:25 has been studying his 8th grade vocabulary words. I predict an interminable and illustrious career for you either teaching, administrating or executive directoring. Whichever path you chose, I am sure you earn every penny of your $58k per year. Ka ka ka Kia.

Anonymous said...

Stefanik has absolutely zero impact in DC and has fumbled the ball as. Far as the middle class real world voter is concerned . This congress is WORST in decades and she was part of it . A do nothing congress and a do nothing MOC and you rubes are blinded by the facts . You carry her water water like the lemmings you really are . It is no wonder this area is backward , you are SO easily duped by the pacs and their minions .