Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Defense Rests In Hillary Murder Trial | WWNY TV 7

      That was quick......Testimony is done in the Oral Hillary murder trial in Canton and closing arguments will be tomorrow and they will be carried live on FOX 28 at or about 10:30M.  That's 2 on the Watertown cable.
        Judge Felix Catena will then render a verdict, although given it's a bench trial and what's happened so far, I expect his honor knows where it's headed.
        Defense Rests In Hillary Murder Trial | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

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Anonymous said...

Closing arguments are done and the verdict is expected next Wednesday or Thursday. Fitz seemed to fall well short of his "beyond a reasonable doubt" threshold when he could not place Hillary at the scene either by eyewitness(es) or by evidence. And no explanation for the set of fingerprints in the window purported to be used by the assailant to escape that matched no family member nor Hillary. Fitz did show some nice crocodile tears though as the camera was on him. Always the showman. He did the best he could though with the lousy case Rain gave him. I wonder if she will turn on Fitz and blame him for the loss, should it happen, just like she has turned on so many others who have worked for her? It would be bad form on her part seeing as he carried the entire case for her and did 98% of the work.

The judge will most likely return a not-guilty verdict and so will end the short political career of Mary Rain. If you are going to hang your election hat on the rung of one high profile case, you better win that one. Wonder what county she will move to next seeing as she has already left her wake in Oswego, Monroe, Cortland and Jefferson Counties before her "impressive" stint as a public defender and DA in St. Lawrence County.