Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Debate Check: 12 Hillary Lies Debunked | LifeZette

     While fact checking was Lester's choice for Donald Trump there was no real time analysis of Hillary Clinton even though there could have been.
      Republicans are like Charlie Brown and the football. They keep participating in this bogus debates ad act surprised when the inevitable happens.
Debate Check: 12 Hillary Lies Debunked | LifeZette


Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

I fact-checked the link to "LifeZette" wow ... what a slightly slanted (RW) source even praises Sheriff Joe "Still a Big Birther" Arpaio from Arizona, double wow.

I would rather be dragged naked across every cactus in Arizona than read a rag like that. Even watching Hannity or O'Lielly is less-painful than using "LifeZette" as a source of much of anything. Nice try, though.

Anonymous said...

Whether it be golf course heroes or government employees under desks, dishonesty is part of their game. Nobody really cares, and they know that, so they go stupid. It works with much of their constituency.

Sik-Of-It said...


Being the devout follower of the MSNBC BS tent lib revival narrative that you are, nobody questions your ability to not be able to accept an alternative reality other than the drone of Racheal Maddows tainted gospel. A well rounded individual with the ability to develop ones own thoughts, would look at many sources of information while not criticizing only one that does not reflect ones own views. In other words, every time you open your brain washed orifice to your face espousing that only your point is valid, you exhibit your own ignorance. And in a bigger way than any of your many detractors here could I might add.

Anonymous said...

Hillary...lie?? Nah, how can it be!! She is the scum of the earth and her pathetic followers on this blog just continue to drink the water. Not that the other choice is any different but it's amazing how you take crap for your choice yet our "educated" blog followers on here who have supported Clinton can't view this race with any objectivity. 6:19 hit it right on the head. I am embarrassed for our system and it's ability to pick presidential candidates, on both sides.

Ray said...

12.06 No one hand picked Donald Trump. He pushed his way into the door, and took what he wanted. That's the difference in who's running this time. The DEMs agreed it was Hillary Clinton's time. So there she is. The REPs had to for once vote for who was running. Trump made them run the process in an almost legal fashion. We all know from the DEM's emails what happened over there. They pushed the people's choice out in favor of their hand picked lady. That's a hard fact. Donald earned his spot.