Thursday, September 29, 2016

Courting Options

      Yesterday's Times story about the City considering a new site for the court (and possibly the PD) invites the obvious question. Where ?
      The American Legion building was floated a couple years back by the club given it's proximity to City Hall.
      However, does the court have to be at City Hall since the police are no longer there. The original 1964 design made sense. The rise of the PSB across town changed that.
     So what other buildings ? Some have mentioned the Masonic Temple as it would dovetail function with rehabilitation of an old building.
      Today a retired cop messaged me to suggest the North Side League as it's a spacious building and lot. Plus there's a nice neighborhood tavern across the street.
       There's some downtown buildings in transition like the Lincoln Building and the former Empsall's.  Access, parking and proximity to other courts for the convenience of lawyers are a factor.
       There's also a second story over the existing court or just keep dragging it out till Tormey retires and then start a new,protracted dialogue and let somebody else figure it out.


Anonymous said...

North Side League seems like a good spot. But the problem is the city ready to buy a property in time for the auction which is happening soon?

Anonymous said...

Remember when the pub was going to be the courthouse..