Wednesday, September 28, 2016

WDT: Court Renovations Still Vexing for City

       City Hall is again considering scrapping courtroom renovations at 245 and coming up with another location to dispense justice. The problem is the state is insisting on revamped facilities to handle not just expanded operations but also to provide for better security.
      Council and staff have struggled with renovation schemes which are not only expensive but also logistically difficult in regards to security and trying to fit what they need into a 50 year old building.
       At one point a couple years ago there were preliminary talks to acquire the Legion building across the street as the veterans group expressed interest in selling.
         The City is obligated to provide a suitable space for a court and the NYS Office of Court Administration provides the staff (including judges) for the court.
          When first built, the PD, Court and holding cells were efficiently placed there, but many changes since then have left a far less efficient scheme and the Mayor says a final decision on the whole thing will come next month.
          There was an agreement on a plan two years ago, but that has fallen apart.

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Anonymous said...

They were efficiently placed there so that the newspaper owners could send their guys across the street to cover the happenings there. The entire city hall should be rebuilt where it once stood and abandon that not ADA compliant monstrosity.