Monday, September 26, 2016

COR Lawyer Says Charges are False and Lobbyist Threw His Clients Under the Bus

     Of course you'd expect a defendant to say he didn't do it, but for the COR officials charged with bribery, it's a whole company and operation on the line as everyone wonders if their myriad of projects, including one in Watertown will happen.
      COR is made up of former Pyramid execs who went on their own and aggresively created a seemingly successful development behemoth.
      Aggressive, connected, perhaps unscrupulous, many wonder what's next.


Anonymous said...

Some of the emails seem tame. A father mad that his son got a small raise after how hard the son worked. Nothing wrong there. I will withhold judgment until we hear more.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is corruption, but it seems moderate compared to the scale of what is acually allowed by law. have to search high and low for any actions by politicians or the legislature today that aren`t suspect or unethical. Disgusting!!