Monday, September 5, 2016

Clinton amid coughing fit: ‘I’m allergic to Trump’ | TheHill

    A coughing fit interrupted Hillary Clinton's speech in Cleveland and another one in Illinois ended  her impromptu airplane presser.

    Imagine if Trump had such fits of ill health.

Clinton amid coughing fit: ‘I’m allergic to Trump’ | TheHill


Anonymous said...

She figured she had to fake the first coughing fit so the second one would be believable. But the reality is she didn't have to fake the second one because the press would not have asked her a single quesiton about the bombshell FBI files. Files that were strategically released Friday in an effort to let the news cycle run out, while everyone was grilling hamburgers. the press had plenty of time to ask her a quesiton about it on the plane and there was not so much as a murmur about it.

Anonymous said...

Given her status and she clearly has ready access to healthcare. Given the knowledge that her detractors have already made an issue of the coughing/health, her doctor has probably already given her inhalers and other drugs in an attempt to help her appear more healthy. And they still aren't working. Not a good sign of her relative health.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Not so sure it was a "fit" in the phrase some people intend it to sound and mean?

I have seasonal allergies that brings on a running nose, itching eyes, and a post-nasal drip that causes the itchy throat and coughing sprees sometimes in an untimely loss of voice when least expected - it can last for minutes.

For those who don't experience that, well, congrats - you're lucky. Those of us who do, we know better.

Also, standing on stage with no podium and no water nearby and speaking freely, well it can be tough. I assure you and anyone else, this is not the first time for anyone who ever experienced that kind of event - maybe not captured on video - but certainly not a first.

Shame on your spin otherwise.

ray lear said...

Not that it matters. But she has had these coughing fits for years. Plus what appears to be shut downs in her motor skills at times. Okay it does matter. They wake her up in the middle of the night for an emergency, and she is out of it, how do we end up? About the same way as before in the Middle East? I think it is part of the puzzle.

Anonymous said...

Ray, you are too funny. Where'd you get your medical degree, Whackadoodle U? The only puzzle is why you believe everything you read on every lame internet site and what you hear from the guy on the barstool next to you on Pearl Street.

Wouldn't doubt it's voice strain from continuous rallies and political events. Not for Trump, though, his team has ad used him to shut up if he wants to be elected.

Anonymous said...

If I was a parent of a kid in the military,and had her to look forward to as being command in chief,and responsible for saving my kid in the event of hostile attacks,I would be nervous beyond belief..

Anonymous said...

Maybe she choked on her on lies.
And for questioning her health problems, just watch what happened when Dr. Drew did it. He got fired so far for telling the truth and the media bias.

@7:57 PM

Exactly, and we have a son in the military.
BTW, the military does not trust or like Hillary. This was printed a couple of weeks ago in the Army Times.

With Hellary we will be in WW III soon as she is already is responsible together with her boss for the chaos in Egypt and Libya and Syria and as a consequence out of it the refugee crisis in Europe. Together with her Saudi campaign financiers, she is responsible for the financing of the so called moderate rebels in Syria witch is nothing else but ISIS.

Didn't she already proposed war against Russia and China in a speech a couple of days ago, when she said she would see the hacking of government web sides as a reason for war?
This woman is really dangerous, deranged and crazy.
For Fort Drum and surrounding area's if she continues with her plans , we would be toast anyway, as Russia has new technology missiles.

Ray said...

We don't talk politics at the bar. To many crazy one siders out there. Believe me beer, and whiskey, don't go well with talking about an election. I saw her go all brain dead during a speech. One of her handlers had to coach her back in. It was sad. She keeps saying she forgot, doesn't know, and can't recall! She is telling us something is wrong.