Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Campaign Begins (And You Thought It Had Been Going for Years)

      Remember that eternity ago (three weeks) when the race was over and Donald Trump was slated to lose by historic margins.  The media herd was in full stampede.....Now suddenly a second poll is out this week with Trump leading...The latest is a CNN survey of likely voters.
     On the morning shows the first day after Labor Day was not what Hillary Clinton would hope for.
Even Joe and Mika were very critical of the Friday release of FBI notes of the other holiday weekend news dump on July 4th. The destruction of devices and the pussyfooting by the FBI around Hillary Clinton even brought criticism from her amen corner, except for the WaPo's David Ignatius who is totally a Clinton defender.
       The coughing fits got passing coverage and the obligatory Trump criticism revolved on the contention he keeps "evolving" on imitation.
       It's off and running with 63 days to go.


Middle-Class Mike said...

HILLARY IS TOAST: You've heard it here 1st! The whole Morning_Joe crew was jumping ship, in one of the funniest broadcasts you could ever watch where there was one priority -CYA- Hillary is toxic and is going to lose! Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

A second poll showing trump leading? Wow!

Of course 15 others show him losing... Nice spin though, Jeff!

Anonymous said...

Jeff, Just wish to thank you for noting MOC Stefanik 1st video on the sidebar on her work on the ASC. She has worked tirelessly for our fellow soldiers. We have not seen anything like this on all the years that Owens was in office and he was there for 6 years.

I don't know how you can eject or remove Senator Gillibrand from this committee, but she needs to be removed by force if need be.

MOC Stefanik is a class act, can't say the same about the disgraceful actions of the Senator.

Sik-Of-It said...

And we all wait with bated breath for Dannie's spin on this. For all of Trumps faults, you would believe an entity the size of the Democratic leviathan could have put him away by now. But Dannie, do continue to defend your parties criminal nominee at all cost. On another note, has anyone made the correlation between the hot breath expelled by the defenders of Hillary Clinton with global warming yet?

NY21inMD said...

A couple of weeks ago Donald Trump was crying that the polls were "rigged." Now that a CNN poll has the race tied, it is being touted as a better indicator of the race. I remember Republican pollsters guaranteeing a Romney victory four years ago just days before the election. Romney lost by four points and a big electoral college vote. Hillary Clinton will win the popular vote by 3-4 points and the electoral college solidly with 300+ votes.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the polls are rigged, NY21onHisKnees, it's the mainstream media that is rigged. Only a party line stooge like yourself or the ex King of Korea would claim otherwise. I don't see Trump winning. Your media will pull out all stops to excite professional victims of all "communities", and the unfair, unbalanced criticism of the guy with bad hair will intensify. We are a nation of the Kardasssssians, so that give you guys a great advantage. The good news is the Skank probably, with all her physical ailments,will be an ineffective dictator even if she survives. And her well known, well deserved reputation for being a criminal will make her a laughingstock of the world. In an age of overreaching government, an ineffective leader might be all freedom loving people can hope for.

Anonymous said...

And we will all be worse off for it NY21...much worse. But, I happen to agree with you on this. I think that her lack of campaign, no platform or accomplishment list, her basic criminal past will all lead to about the margin you speak of. A good candidate would win by record margins against Trump, but, Clinton is not a good candidate in any way shape or form.

Anonymous said...

Here is another strange thing about the libtards to add to the never ending list: In 2008, when the economy didn't recover, (because Obama got elected), the libtards seemed to grasp the concept of the derivative and they routinely quoted jobs in terms of dy/dt. But these days they seem to have convenient amnesia, when it comes to applying the same math to the Clinton Trump polling curves.

Anonymous said...

It's strange who Hellary is changing the truth around ,how ever she needs it.
Now she is denying her health problems and questioning her health , will cost Journalists their jobs. as Dr. Drew's firing on CNN has shot.
When it's helpful for her, like when she was questioned by the FBI, it is her health problems as an excuse that she can not remember.

Stefanik did nothing for NY 21 except for the Military and that is a maybe. She is good looking and a very good self promoter through social media and a lot of people ( older men) fall for it.

The Army has already downsized quietly by moving troops around from 19.000 Soldiers to 15.000 Soldiers. All the new build empty housing, even on Fort Drum proves it.

Stefanik is on the Armed forces committee , but we here nothing about that.
Worse, she is for a missile system here, which will further downsize "boots on the ground" and when all said and done and build will has easily be controlled with a hundred people.
More jobs in the long run on this is a good joke, maybe in the building phase and without side contractors who do not live here.

When Hellary will start WWIII as she already threatened China and Russia because of their hacking in to websites. Fort Drum and surrounding areas will be toast, as Stefanik will sit with the rest of the house in DC a secure place.

Anonymous said...

Ouch #218! Surprised your comment made it past the Stephony filter that the mayor normally employs.

Anonymous said...

8:27, No need for a filter when she is looking at winning with 70%. If the race was even Woolfie close, it might not have made it.

Not sure what the ouch was though. She doesn't unilaterally get to decide where and when troops are deployed. {snicker} Drum is still doing better and will continue to do better, than Owen's base is doing.