Monday, September 19, 2016

Busy News Day

         A fast  moving investigation into weekend bombings now has five people being questioned, another bmb found at a NJ train station, and concern over the extent of the terror cell that is working the bombings (yes Mayor, bombings) that so far has killed no one but injured several.
         Also today, the Oral Hillary trial resumes in Canton. Delays last week over an undisclosed possible witness interrupted the trial of Hillary in the five year old killing of a 12 year old Potsdam youth.
        Counting starts today of absentees in the nearly tied GOP Assembly primary. Bill Sheridan is clinging to a seven vote Election Day margin over John Byrne.
         And the landlord law debate tonight at City Hall will decide the fate of legislation to create registration and inspection of city apartments.


Anonymous said...

Am I missing something,or where has Obama been while NYC and NJ are bombed to smithereens?Must be he had an important golf date,maybe with Danny..

You have always been a proponent of watching out for the slippery slope,and passing new laws while ignoring ones already on the books.This new landlord law seems to fit that bill.I think it is only a short step from landlords to inspecting all city residences under the guise of what is good for them.That is,unless you live on like Paddock St or Ives St,then it will be assumed all is okay.

Anonymous said...

Some victim named Rahmani or such. Another of the Dannie imports, brought here to vote Democrat and blow up little kids. Thank God the Skank hopes to import a few hundred thousand more. And all so the Democrat party can enjoy the support of pukes who think sex with little girls is a great way to live. I wonder if this guy plays golf, as it were. I'm sure they will have a good golf program in whatever federal prison he ends up in. I'd say we should pause on the murderer importation program, but as
Dannie says, "that's not who we are".

Anonymous said...

Byrne heads into Jefferson County absentee down by just 20.