Monday, September 26, 2016

Blotter: Two Plants Found

     Lewis County lawmen found two pot plants growing in a back yard.


Anonymous said...

But were they assault pot plants? You can tell if you count the number of leaves. And assault plants have a darker color to them.

Anonymous said...

NO 11:14, they were probable innocent non-violent drug plants. Just like the drugs that killed the beautiful young 22 year old girl in the Obits today. Why blame the dealers, growers and everyone else involved for what a "user" does, right?

Oh I forgot, your party loves to sue everyone and hold them accountable for other people. From holding gun manufacturers responsible for Sandy Hook, to holding McDonald's responsible for burning laps with their coffee. But for some unexplained reason, your libtard brain doesn't grasp the same concept when it comes to drug growers and sellers. Why is that? Could it be because you are high right now???

Anonymous said...

yeah,two were found,after the cops got sent there because someone was shooting off a gun in the yard.Don't think the cops care any more about charging someone with a shitty little offense like that,but when someone is blasting off something must be done.Sorry if it goes against your marihuana people are just innocent little hippies,leave them alone,agenda.