Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Blighted Property Finally Bought...Headed for Restoration

       After sitting as a beacon of blight for the many who travel NYS 3 to Sackets to see how quaint the village is, the former Rusted Route Restaurant has been bought by a Sackets businessman who is cleaning up the scruffy property.
       A variety of restaurants occupied the building and the place made news on occasion, one time for a brutal homicide and later for money woes that resulted in the state shuttering the eaterie.
        It is said to be on the path to being a restaurant again.
        This is a good example as the cycle of blight when ownership goes awry. It takes years and it did hear before an auction yielded a price that made economic sense to someone who had the means to accomplish something.


Anonymous said...

Well, the state had to make sure they got the money that they never got and never will get. Meanwhile, fop more than a decade, it sits empty collecting no sales taxes or property taxes and selling no lottery tickets.

Good luck to this investor but I wouldn't say he got a good deal on it.

Anonymous said...

That's good. It was a nice building. I always wondered why someone didn't fix it up. I figured it had something to do with NYS taxes. Once Benito's tax people get involved, it be over.