Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Addie Visits Church

      While three GOP candidates ready to tape a half hour "debate" today on Public TV, Assemblywoman Addie Russell continues to get good ink on demand, featured today in the paper helping out at a church in Canton with a program for the poor.
     Her new media Svengali is getting coverage for photo op stories the media usually dismisses as self serving and political....Well it is, of course, but I enjoy seeing what my pols are up to. As for the three Republicans, I have no idea what they are up to, except that yesterday the bobsledder called the HOTLINE, while the other two have called Glenn's show.


Anonymous said...

Right now Sheridan seems to hold the upper hand in this race. He still hasnt announced his support for Donald Trump and neither has Mr Byrnes. As long as Finley continues to be the only Republican to openly support Trump Finley will remain a factor in this race.
I get out and around and discuss politics during the course of each day and the Trump issue seems to be somewhat an issue. Many and I mean many of us want Donald Trump as our president and are not happy with our elected party leaders fro not having signs for our lawns and other means of advertising available. Leads us to believe we may need a complete housecleaning in the next election cycle.

Anonymous said...

Sheridan? You gotta be joking.

Burn is the the de facto RINO, thus loser, in November.