Wednesday, September 21, 2016

2016 Election Forecast | FiveThirtyEight#now

    The respected FiveThirtyEight site still has Hillary Clinton favored to win, but not with the certainty of last month. A 59% chance and current Electoral College lead of 284-254 for Mrs. Clinton.
     The Trump surge may be halted now with a stoic defense of the former First Lady by national media following her health scare. 
       The debates loom as important, but it's hard to imagine her losing without a collapse on stage. They will catch Mr. Trump in some fact error or racial faux pas and that will be that.
2016 Election Forecast | FiveThirtyEight#now


Anonymous said...

Retiring GOP Assemblywoman Janet Duprey says in Adirondack Daily Enterprise she will vote for Hillary Clinton.

Anonymous said...

What is your prediction as far as Trump's strategy? Will he go on the offensive from the opening and continue that way? Or will he act cordial at first and then do what kittens Romney refused to do (fight)?

Most of the world doesn't know about all the evil things Hillary is known to have done because they only watch ABC CBS NC and CNN. The debates are a chance for trump to inform the 47% who pay no taxes, about her evilness and corruption. Most won't care, but a few will.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Trump errors - is that a joke? How about his documented lies on top of lies on top of those, um?? Oops won't suffice...

Hands Down the Winner (in the Liar Category).

Trump's Trail of Lies.

Anonymous said...

hillary, is she even still in the race...what an embarrassment to politics and to the democratic party. at least t-rump appears to be trying to win. killary is no where to be seen. i get where it's hard to defend t-rump but i ask democrats, give me a reason, any reason to vote for the worst candidate the democrats have put forth since the great michael dukakis. here are reasons that are not acceptable...1. she is a woman 2. anyone but trump 3. because she is a democrat. i need accomplishments, standards, reasons to believe she isn't the disaster she has proven to be over her so called career. let's go.

Anonymous said...

7:30 Is this you Billy, why make this statement we all know she has always been a closet Dem. her entire political career. That is why
you were endorsed to replace her! she always voted Dem. so no big change in the seat.

Now the bigger issue at hand is to rid ourselves of Addie Russell.

Anonymous said...

8:53Dannie, Aren't you referring to the Hilldabeast, Lies on Top of Lies.

Aren't you much more interested in hearing about her closest aid's husband may be charged with child sexual trafficing not with his own child but with the 15 year old girl. Those school girl uniforms is always a turn on for these leeches. Notice how Gillibrand is silent on the weiner issue!

Great judgement these people have of their spouses.

Anonymous said...


Are you concerned that Trump is currently under indictment for raping a 13 year old girl and threatening to kill her family if she said anything?

Of course not.