Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Zoo Struggles with Money and Staffing Woes

      The board of the Thompson Park Zoo is in cost containment mode as it struggles to hire top staffing including a director. The privately run menagerie has been in place since the 80s when it was formed as successor to the municipal zoo which was closed for various reasons including the city's inability or unwillingness to run it properly.
       Like anything run by a private board I suspect a lot depends on the committment, ability and enthusiasm of board members in place at any time as well as the demand for the product.
       It sounds like there will be a request for more public stipend, yet the lack of staff and direction also must be hurting the ability to draw visitors.
       There are two privately run operations in Thompson Park. The Zoo and a golf course. Both seem to have their challenges but are still in operation and are assets that sooner or later will have to be addressed by the Park's owner


Anonymous said...

The majority of problems can be laid at the door step of board president Jayne Graves.

While it’s true there is minimal staffing to handle the day to day operations, nearly all of the current issues were known and could have been avoided.
Graves’s current tenure on the board is not conducive to the zoo’s future progress.

If anything, her rule by fiat has directly or indirectly created many of the existing problems and issues as she has on many occasions willfully ignored recommendations by the board.

Anonymous said...

They should have explored looking into JCC assisting with running and offering animal degrees like was suggested by City Administration at the time. Should ask again it never hurts and maybe if they assisted with a salary we could get a good Director while offering an interesting degree to our local students.

Anonymous said...

DANC to the rescue!

Betty said...

I totally agree with getting assistance from JCC. I personally think it would be a win win situation. You will be helping JCC with college enrollment and helping the zoo and zoo animals. The best part is JCC now has college dorms. This degree could attract more college students to JCC. I hope the board takes anonymous suggestion seriously.

Anonymous said...

Sorry 407 we don't need more expansion at the College, there going to Lewis Co. now to prepare people up there to work in various businesses in the area, that means all the Illegals that work at Marks Farms will be in college on my dime, Another thing the Dorms were built without a bid process, so why not have the same Company fix the fencing at the Zoo for FREE, as a community project? See what happens when you give people jobs there not qualified for?