Monday, August 29, 2016

Zephyr Weds ? So We Hear

    When you are single and running for office, it's always a temptation to play the family values card, and sources in the Hudson Valley just texted me and said NY 19 Congressional hopeful Zephyr Teachout got hitched over the weekend.
     Who's the lucky
 guy ? We don't know, but I don't think an election year marriage works....Just be who you are....
      None of this reported in the MSM yet, but my source is a veteran political operative so I believe him.....  :)


Anonymous said...

Come On Jeff, You are teasing us, was it a convenient marriage like a local homeboy.

Anonymous said...

As long as she didn't partner up with Rosie O'Donell now that would speak volumes about her life choices. Late 30's early 40's maybe she want's to add to the human race, what's another libtard going to matter. I'm guessing another emasculated man.

Wan't her mother a lawyer, judge, professor, she could have done the wedding nuptials.

Anonymous said...

Maybe her BFF Andy Cuomo gave her away!

Anonymous said...

Ha! This post made me burst out laughing. I couldn't agree any more...election year marriages usually seem pretty artificial and are almost always pretty ridiculous. We've all seen the strategy backfire. Big time! Hopefully Zephyr at least had more friends and family there than political operatives.

I'm hopeful this wedding is sincere, was well thought out and has always been part of a long time plan, not part of some insta-family plan some consultant seemed necessary to get elected. We all witnessed the expedited insta-family created in just nine short months for political optics by a different failed candidate not too long ago. Remember that? January - engagement. March - busted for cheating. June - wedding. September - baby on the way. Whirlwind trainwreck! If that wasn't a recipe for disaster I don't know what is. People who get married for political reasons pay the price for a lifetime. It's just plain dumb. I hope for her case this isn't a case of history repeating itself.

Anonymous said...

Now she can play the "family values" card against Cuomo, who ives with his girlfriend but illegeally uses State aircrafts to taxi her around. That is the girl with all the home construction and remodeling that she never got permits for. That's right...the people who loooooove big government and new laws, don't actually follow the laws they love. that's why they love new laws and high taxes...because they know it won't touch them. Right golf course guy ?!!!

Of course Teachout is worse, because of her criminal evasion of NYS income taxes. she lied and said she didn't live there when it came time to pay income taxes. But then changed her mind when she ran for Governor.