Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Young Mom The Face of Urban Failures

   She is often referred to a hoop star Dwyane Wade's cousin, but she has a name and an identity of her own.
    The shooting death of young mom Nykea Aldridge is underscoring a year of historic violence in the Windy City with police struggling to handle waves of street violence like that of Ms. Aldridge who was caught in the line of fire while pushing a stroller.
    It's outrageous violence but try speaking about it and you are accused of politicizing tragedy or being racist.
    What's racist is allowing this kind of mayhem to be normal.


Anonymous said...

Jeff, it's not a big deal. It's black on black crime. There is no reason to discuss it. The Skank knows they aren't going to kill them all, so the voting block is safe and secure. Even the dead ones vote overwhelmingly dannie. Nope, the thing to do here is demonize law abiding citizens, ignore the real problems, and collect money and votes from dumbasses everywhere.

Anonymous said...

IF we are to have a true discussion on racism we must be ready to acknowledge the blacks own fault here. They can not be the victim forever.

In fact they were less a victim 30 years ago and the racism was not as bad as it is now.

I am not blaming the blacks for all the problems, whites have been guilty of racism. I will accept partial blame. But nothing will be solved if the minorities will not come to the table willing to be honest