Thursday, August 25, 2016

When Jack Daniels Isn't Jack Daniels and Heineken Isn't Heineken....Finley Dumps SLA Records on Local Media

    GOP Assembly hopeful Russ Finley is hoping Liquor Law violations from over a decade ago will sink his principle opponent.
    Mr. Finley called the HOTLINE and also emailed us copies of the citations and pleadings in several SLA actions against the Brass Rail Tavern in Oneonta, owned about 12 years ago by GOP frontrunner John Byrne.
     The citations include after hours sales, underage sales, unlimited drink deals and improperly certified security guards...
    All par for the course in the industry and long enough ago not to dissuade party leaders and the press from supporting Mr. Byrne two years ago when he nearly beat Assemblywoman Addie Russell.
     However some of the SLA allegations involve pouring cheap liquor in bottles indicating more expensive brands. Also there are allegations of pouring draft under false labeling.
      Now I know enough about SLA actions and how they originate...It's not always as it seems or is portrayed...But  the bottle swapping is not something that plays well in a political context.
      This story simmered beneath the surface last time, but the media was pretty intent on seeing Ms. Russell go... This time, it's not that way, but I still don't think old bar allegations from so long ago will get traction.
      Sometimes SLA action is an indication of character and practices, but it can also be fueled by petty complaints from rivals and strident action by local governments.
      All said, I'd hate to be running for office defending against these issues, and if I'd been cited for pouring Old Crow into a Jim Beam bottle, I'd surely have calls for a probe to be launched.


Anonymous said...

Jeff you think to highly of yourself to believe everyone is always in a ballyhoo over you.

Anonymous said...

Perennial LOSER Little Rusty couldn't get the meeeee-toooooo line this year, so he's hoping to sink Byrne by throwing mud from the sidelines.

I loved listening to him cry cry cry cry cry cry about the Republican party not getting him any signatures on your radio show, Mayor.

Lyin' Russ Finley has an arrest record longer than the Ogdensburg border crossing. Who does he think he is kidding, passing around ancient liquor authority complaints?

Addie Russell has as many Olympic Gold Medals as Little Rusty.

Anonymous said...

This makes sense given that Byrne is 150 proof democrat masquerading as a republican brand.

Middle-Class Mike said...

Addie J. Russell won't benefit from this old attack item. I guess she's happy her former mentor Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver found a judge, who'll let him stay out of his jail cell over the next year, while his appeal goes nowhere and his conviction is finalized! A tavern owner being accused of watering done the booze, wow, that really ought to give this election to an Assemblywoman who is politically married to a criminal like Sheldon Silver! Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

10:50, That was pretty funny, but John Byrne is far from a Democrat. Republicans can keep him. They deserve it.

I'm going to enjoy watching the three-way circus play out in Elephant Land.

Here's to two more years of Addie fighting for the North Country!

Anonymous said...

Hey Middle Class, what in the world does Addie Russell have to do with a desperate attack on John Byrne from Russ Finley? And John Byrne wasn't "watering down booze" he was selling Mr. Boston in a Grey Goose bottle. That kind of intentional deceit says a lot about his character. Sounds like a prerequisite for a sleezy Albany pol, if you ask me.

The Byrne camp should focus on his primary opponents. He's not the nominee yet.

Anonymous said...

Just another reason, if you are a republican voting in the primary, to vote for the only lifelong republican also worked on the right side of the jail room cells. Sheridan is most qualified and a very easy pick.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who he is.

Anonymous said...

Agreed 10:59. Sheridan is the easy pick. He comes with no baggage unlike his primary opponents.

Anonymous said...

I'm sticking with Byrne. He is the only one that can beat Addie.