Thursday, August 4, 2016

WDT:Aging Into Mainstream....Howard Stern, Once Spurned at 260 , Gets a Shout Out

   Age makes us all rounded pebbles in the stream of life...from shock jocks to pious and crusty editors.
    I saw a mammoth feature story about the King of All Media teased at the top of the front page after I was shocked to read Hillary's murder trial starts soon.
     Howard Stern was once the bane of local news barons. I remember writing him a letter once and for years op/ed screeds about me carried on about it.
     Now at 62, Howard is a comfy, intellectual if still somewhat ribald jock who no longer shocks in a world fascinated by beheadings and slathered in sex on the Internet.
     Times do change.
Watertown Daily Times | Confessor. Feminist. Adult. What’s with Howard Stern?

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Anonymous said...

His schtick was an obvious one that he ripped off from everyone's high school locker room. But these days he is as shocking and relevant as playboy is to porn. Meanwhile, make no mistake, it is only the third generation who pays homage to Stern and his antics. Turns out, it is not just the wealth that the third generation squanders...they also squander the dignity.