Friday, August 19, 2016

WDT: Tick Tock on Oral Hillary Trial Helpful In A Case That's Dragged On For Five Years

    Like a lot of people, I think I follow the headlines but don't get into the minute details of a criminal case.....but the now five year old apparent homicide of Garrett Phillips in Potsdam is finally going to trial and the ex boyfriend of the lad's mother is in the docket.
    Oral Hillary's sojourne through the Big County's criminal justice system has been long and winding....political and puzzling.
     It's never seemed quite right but in a case like this, the ex boyfriend or husband is always a logical bet. And Mr. Hillary is different, aka black, from Jamaica. That always seemed to be a part of the story.
     In this in-depth and informative story, the WDT asks some tough questions about the pursuit of justice in this death and the fixation on Mr. Hillary as the sole suspect. 
      The crime was so long ago and there has been so much water under the bridge, it's hard to say what the jury pool of some 500 SLC residents thinks.
       There certainly has been enough time and revelations for any of those people to have come to a conclusion.
       The suggestion of "tunnel vision" in this Times piece, and the controversy surrounding DA Marty Rain who got elected on a promise to solve this case, will make this especially challenging for jurors.


Anonymous said...

He probably did it. but they probably don't have enough to convict him. This reminds me, when certain crimes are committed, they are not tried in front of a small time judge. So why is the state boys not put in charge of investigating those same serious crimes from the get-go? That way, these small town crooked useless cops wouldn't be able to screw up as many investigations, like Potsdam and Ogdensburg always do. Not to mention the road block king kounty kops of the tri-county area. (Remember when Parkway dealership was raided and then nothing happened?)

Now that I think about it...when the border patrol guy was standing over his dead wife and assaulting old people trying to help, the state boys did about as good as the Potsdam O-burg boys. Maybe they should just legalize murder in the big county, and save the tax payers the expense of pretending they are investigating.

BTW...Congratulations to DA Rain for her stellar performance in convicting DWI criminals at a much higher rate than her inept predecessor. Expect an attagirl from scottykos and perrykos anytime now. Oh wait, Scotty already did a story on it and buried her name deep in the story without putting it in the headline.

Anonymous said...

This to say is beyond belief.. Nicole Duve started this case back during her tenure as DA and after all the evidence was brought forth decided to wait for more conclusive evidence if there was any.. Not Marrrrrrrry Rain. She has bulled through this by lying and stretching the truth at all costs. All because as the times states for a campaign promise..
I cant help feel for the family of this boy as his life was ended all to soon and for no reason.
Having said this I also feel that convicting the wrong individual would not bring justice to the lad but rather serve only pet peeves of that family and a very loose living mother who has to say the least had more boyfriends and dates than most do in a lifetime.
The Deputy involved Mr Jones has a history of lying to the law and was once let resign from the Sheriffs Dept for lying to authorities about an alledged truck theft and his ultiment charging of leaving the scene of an accident , giving false statements to police and DWI.. He slipped through the system and was allowed to resign from the Department rather than being fired.. I cant understand how Sheriff Wells let this slip when he was hired serveral years latter...
I have to think enough doubt is present to find the defendant not guilty rather than chancing this corrupt DA get a conviction on an other wise innocent person.

dajeep said...

Oral Hillary? There can be plenty of political type jokes on that one. Even some involving a woman named Monica.

Anonymous said...

Easy on Lochte. He's only being what we all have turned into. We don't give a darn about honesty or integrity. How can we expect him to value his reputation when the proven liar, killer, bribe taker, and race baiter skank is about to take office? Folks, it just doesn't matter anymore to anyone. So live with it. Be proud. Our schools suck, our parents are lawyers, our lawyers only want to know if it's worth $100k, our families are over with, and Kardasssssian's ass it the most important thing to look up while staggering around with our cell phones. We are a worthless society, per se.

Anonymous said...

7:47 is on it. Thanks for the post. Scotty and Perry serve no useful purpose.

Anonymous said...

Poor Folks In St Lawrence County They are so used to hearing Hillary is innocent that They believe it about all Hillarys including Nick the murderer